Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset launches Indian Medical Program

Shisha Patel

Shisha Patel will be serving as a program coordinator for Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset newly launched Indian Medical Program.

The program will feature a trilingual patient navigator who will assist in coordinating care for members of the Indian community and Patel speaks both Gujarati and Hindi fluently, according to a press release.

Patel has previously served as a health educator for the Indian community with the hospital’s Community Health Department.

She is a graduate of Kean University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in public health.

Patel will assist patients with making medical appointments; arranging round-trip transportation for medical appointments; finding specialty doctors; filling out forms; accompanying patients to treatments at both the hospital and doctors’ offices; and providing translation/interpretation services, the press release said.

“We recognize that there are members of our community who are not getting the health care services they need due to language barriers,” Tony Cava, the president of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset, is quoted saying in a press release.

In addition, the hospital also launched a Chinese Medical Program in June with a bilingual patient navigator.

“Our Chinese Medical Program has already been making a tremendous difference in helping members of the Chinese community get prompt access to medical care and improve their overall health and we are pleased to now offer the same patient navigation services for the Indian community,” Cava added.



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