Rita Shah of Air India feted by community at farewell reception

Dr. Avinash Gupta, president of FIA-nynjct, speaking at the farewell held in honor of Rita Shah of Air India, at Royal Albert’s Palace, March 24, 2024, as Shah, 4th from right, and other FIA members and organizers look on. PHOTO: organizers

Members of the Indian community convened for a farewell dinner in honor of Rita Shah of Air India  Sunday, March 24, 2024, at the Royal Albert’s Palace in Edison, NJ.

More than 200 people attended the event, a press release from organizers said, including numerous members from Air India, such as Regional Manager Girish Salian, Manager at Newark Airport Amol Rane, and Manager at JFK Airport Amarjit Singh.

The Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) also participated represented by President Dr. Avinash Gupta, Joint Secretary  Srujal Parikh, Vice-President Smita Miki Patel, General Secretary Priti Patel, Joint Secretary Mahesh Dubal, and Joint Treasurer Haresh Shah. Additionally, several prominent community leaders were in attendance.

The event was organized by community leader Peter Kothari, in association with the FIA. It was emceed by Andy Bhatia, a former FIA Trustee and Air India Manager.

Attendees recounted fond memories and lauded Shah for her “invaluable” contributions. Srujal Parikh highlighted the historical association between FIA and Air India, reminiscing about the inaugural India Day Parade in Manhattan in 1981, where Air India was the sole supporter and sponsor for the very first India Day parade that gathered about 80 participants. Dr. Avinash Gupta commended Shah for her long-standing support of the Indian diaspora and unwavering commitment to aiding and uplifting the community through selfless service.



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