Richa Chadha on performing Kathak in Heeramandi

Richa Chadha in Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar. Photo: Hardly Anonymous Communications

Richa Chadha took to her Instagram to share a special video highlighting the transformation from her rehearsals for her song, Masoom dil hain mera, to the actual number itself. Richa shared an anecdote highlighting that what she had rehearsed and what they shot was drastically different and a lot was improvised and changed on the sets itself.

She wrote, “I can safely say that almost none of Kruti Mahesh’s choreography remained the same. So I was grateful to have practiced to just be in the groove. This is one of the steps that remained. Rest well were winging it on set.”

Richa further stated that she had to wear a 40 kilos vest even during rehearsals  to get into the habit of being able to wear the actual costume, which too was 40 kilos in weight. She revealed that the day of the shoot broke her down and she was left in tears and was also exhausted.

She even revealed the final part of the song had to be performed in one take. “Sir wanted me to perform the heartbroken part of the song in one go without any cuts. The camera had to pan 360 and I had to keep performing, navigating the emotions, the camera and the dance. It was a super emotional day and it truly broke me down. But those tears came from a place of achievement.”

Richa’s Kathak has impressed the internet with many not expecting to see this new avatar of the actress. Actress Sophie Choudry wrote, “You have done a fabulous job on the show my darl ! And that 360 shot of your last dance.. uff.”. Director Mira Nair commented, “Love your brave saucy spirit most of all.”




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