Reliable Source: Donald Trump Jr. co-hosts D.C. premiere of Dinesh D’Souza’s new film

Dinesh D’Souza at the Washington, D.C., premiere of his new film “Death of A Nation.” CREDIT: Washington Post photo by Sarah Polus

WASHINGTON – The red carpet for the screening of filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary was all business. There’s no time for chitchat about who is wearing what when you’ve got an entire liberal ideology to topple.

Conservatives filled E Street Cinema at Wednesday night’s D.C. premiere of “Death of a Nation: Plantation Politics and the Making of the Democratic Party,” based on D’Souza’s book of the same name. The documentary draws comparisons between President Abraham Lincoln and President Donald Trump, who recently granted D’Souza a full pardon, and sheds light on connections between the Democratic Party and the history of fascism and racism.

The film’s poster, which features Lincoln and Trump’s faces merged together, embodies what D’Souza has become known for: provocative stunts intended to get a rise out of critics. Does D’Souza plead guilty to accusations that he’s a bit of a conservative show pony?

“A little bit,” he told the Hill, smiling. “But the reality is the race card and the fascism card were not played by me. They were played by the left against Trump … I’m jumping into this debate saying, ‘Alright, if you’re going to talk about racism and fascism let’s dive into what those things mean.'”

The two topics, along with approval ratings and the upcoming midterms, dominated discussions with those who walked the red carpet, which included political types such as Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, producer Gerald R. Molen, former Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, Sheriff David Clarke, and Donald Trump Jr. and gal pal Kimberly Guilfoyle.

There was a clear hierarchy of media organizations in the eyes of some walking the red carpet. While most engaged all outlets in conversation, Sebastian Gorka, former deputy assistant to President Trump, refused The Washington Post’s request for comment, and Trump Jr. conducted only two interviews, one of which was with conservative cable news television channel One America News Network.

The film’s power stems from its ability to correct false narratives from the left that have clouded academia, Trump Jr. told OAN.

“When you look at the movie, you’ll see that there is a very distinct and clear difference between what actually happened and what is being sold to our youth today,” he said. “You see the Nazi platform from the early 1930s … and you look at it compared to the DNC platform of today, you’re saying, ‘Man, those things are awfully similar’ to a point where it’s actually scary. It’s the exact opposite of what you’ve been told.”

While D’Souza hopes to educate the masses, he expects most support for the film will come from the right.

“The movie would appeal immensely to people who really want to know what’s going on and know nothing about it,” D’Souza told The Post. “I would love to reach the middle-of-the-road guy, the guy on the fence. But I also am realistic enough to recognize that it’s going to be predominantly Republicans and conservatives who come to the film.”

Based on the crowd at his screening, that’s a fair assessment: Many in the crowd wore Republican red; some female attendees channeled first lady Melania Trump in form-fitting dresses and sky-high power heels; and at least one person was wearing a MAGA hat.



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