Reception organized for Kamala Harris in New York

(Left to right) Nissim Reuben (President – Indian American Jewish Council), Stanley Bergman (Former President of American Jewish Council), Senator Kamala Harris, Ramesh Kapur (Chairman, US India Security Council), Rajender Dichpally (Director, US India Security Council) and Deepak Raj (Founder and President, Pratham, USA), Photo courtesy of the organizers.

Ramesh Kapoor, Chairman of US India Security Council and Deepak Raj, Founder and Managing Director of Pratham, the Democratic stalwarts from New Jersey, hosted a reception for Sen. Kamala Harris, in New York, on November 7, 2019.

The event was by co-hosted by Padma Shri H R Shah, the Chairman of TV Asia, Rajender Dichpally and Dr. Jayesh Patel.

The event was organized by The Indian American Impact Fund who had endorsed Harris for President, early in the spring and the US India Security Council.

Speaking to the gathering, Harris said, “I assure to everyone a more equitable and fair distribution of resources to all. Improved education and healthcare services for veterans and senior citizen.”

Harris strongly condemned the separation of young children from their parents in the name of Immigration and said that this issue should also be seen from the human rights aspect and felt that the issue could have been handled differently and more efficiently,

Talking about US-India relations, Harris said she always has India close to her heart because of her roots. She is in favor of further strengthening US India relations and ensuring there is better trade between the two democracies.



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