Recently formed group says Indian Americans need ‘unified voice’ inside Democratic Party

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A recently formed group, Indian-Americans for Biden-Harris says it celebrates the historic selection of Senator Kamala Harris as the vice presidential running mate of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, on Aug. 11.

The group says it is “making a concerted effort to develop a distinct voice within the Democratic Party.”

“For decades, Indian Americans have contributed significantly to the industrial, economic, social, and cultural development of the United States. But for a long time, Indian Americans as a unique group have been missing from political conversations and have not been formally recognized across political parties,” the group said in a press release.

The formation of Indian Americans for Biden in July 2020, was part of the effort to change the situation and “to establish a unified Indian American voice within the Democratic Party and to help elect Joe Biden 46th President of the United States.”

Since its formation, the group has evolved to Indian Americans for Biden-Harris.

The founders say they established the group because of the “need for an Indian American identity within the Biden campaign, and within the Democratic National Committee at large,” Satish Korpe of Virginia, a community activist, is quoted saying in the press release.

Korpe formed the group in early July via Facebook. Suresh Kumar of New Jersey, a professor; Anu Kosaraju of Michigan, a Democratic activist; and Sudhir Chandratreya of California, joined shortly thereafter, followed by Manjula Ambur and Rupa Somnath of Virginia.

“Anu and Suresh helped to increase membership to nearly 1,000 within the first month. Members include several past and current elected officials,” the press release said.

“By choosing Kamala Harris, the Biden Campaign has given the Indian American community, and all women of color, hope that hard work, taking bold action and doing the right thing pays off in the long run,” Kumar said.

According to the group’s founding members, the immigrant population especially has a voice in the Democratic Party, and Indian Americans generally share the Democratic value of finding unity in diversity. “The Democratic Party is like a quilt made of many pieces of different ethnicities, national origins, languages, religions, etc. But it provides equal opportunity to all,” Korpe said.

This was a critical factor in the decision to form the pro-Biden group consisting of advocates of the Indian American community, organizers said in the press release.

“Choosing to do so via social media and virtual platforms allows members to move quickly between now and November 3 to unite people from across the country in the mission to get Biden-Harris elected, while solidifying an Indian American identity within the Democratic Party,” organizers contend.

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