Ram Navami Celebrated At Hindu Mandir Of Lake County, Illinois

Ram Navami celebrations at the Hindu Mandir. (Photo: Hindu Mandir of Grays Lake, Illinois)

The Hindu Mandir of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois celebrated Shree Ram Navami on April 13, with a focus on encouraging the younger generation to participate.

Twenty five children were among the participants according to a press release, which said, “This temple encourages the participation of our younger generation as they are the ones who are going to preserve our religion and culture.”

Kids sang Bhajans and chanted Ram Ramayana as did older participants. Pundit Anil Joshi performed Sankalpam, puja, and Abhishekam of Lord Ram along with the sponsor devotees. Before noon, the childhood Ram entered the shrine with chanting of Vedic Mantras and sounding of conch shells. Devotees enjoyed rocking the decorated cradle.

Pundit Joshi delivered a brief discourse on the importance of Ram Avatar. He also talked about how one can live with dignity in different circumstances and maintain good character, principles, and carry out responsibilities by following Lord Ram as a role model. He also highlighted the relationship between Lord Ram and Lord Shiva.

The Maha Mangalarati was followed by distribution of prasad to all the devotees. Shammi Dhall, mamber of the Hindu Mandir’s executive committee, thanked all the kids, sponsors and volunteers, and temple priests for their service and support. He distributed gifts to all the kids with blessings from the head priest, Pundit Ganesh.



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