Radio Mirchi starts operations in the US


South Asia’s No. 1 radio station, Radio Mirchi, started operations in the US with its first stations going on-air in in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut with a frequency of 1600 AM!

Mirchi can also be heard in Raleigh-Durham, NC on 99.9 FM HD-4, 101.9 FM & 1490 AM; in Baltimore, MD on 92.3 FM HD-2 and in Philadelphia, PA on 103.9 FM HD-2 through a licensing arrangement.

Over the next few weeks, Mirchi will also be available in Cleveland, OH; Columbus, OH; Atlanta, GA; Richmond, VA; and St. Louis, MO through HD channels. Mirchi stations in the US will also be available online on

Targeted at the South Asian diaspora, which forms a significant portion of the ‘immigrant’ population in these cities, the content promises to be a winning combination of the best in Bollywood music, infotainment and comedy that Mirchi is known for.

Some shows on the network are done by popular radio presenters from “back home”, like Mirchi Sayema, Mirchi Rochie and Mirchi Shruti, to give the audience a “slice of their country”. People will also be able to tune in to the wildly popular Mirchi Murgas by RJ Naved and dance mixes on Club Mirchi on these stations, according to a press release.

Prashant Panday, MD & CEO, Radio Mirchi commented, “We are thrilled to finally launch our stations in the US. The South Asian community is one of the most educated and affluent communities here and it is truly tragic that there are few radio stations with quality programming that cater to this audience. We aim to be able to change that with our product offering and hope that the audience loves what we have come up with as much as we loved putting it together for them.”

In New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, Radio Mirchi has partnered with NJ Broadcasting LLC. Dr. Nimisha Shukla, owner of NJ Broadcasting LLC, said, “It has been my long-term desire to create voice for South Asian Americans in NY, NJ and CT.  Partnering with Radio Mirchi will make this dream come true. I look forward to very best content from Mirchi in coming years, which will help us in writing a page in Indian American Chapter of U. S. history.”

In Raleigh-Durham, NC; Baltimore, MD; Philadelphia, PA; Cleveland, OH; Columbus, OH; Atlanta, GA; Richmond, VA; and St. Louis, MO Mirchi has a licensing arrangement with Arohi Media.

Ravi Cherukuri, Chariman/CEO, Arohi Media, said “Our vision is to have a quality home entertainment radio network for the South Asian population in USA and are proud to say that we are taking the first steps in this direction with this partnership with Mirchi. HD radio offers better signal quality than even FM. South Asians can access it in their cars and most have HD sets pre-installed in them. They just need to be turned on! After this, we plan to launch stations in many other cities before December 2019.”



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