Punjab Governor Chaudhary Muhammad Sarwar Visits Palatine, IL Gurdwara

Sikh Religious Society board members presenting a book to the Governor of Punjab Chaudhary Muhammad Sarwar on May 28,2021. Photo courtesy organizers

The Governor of the Punjab province in Pakistan Chaudhary Muhammad Sarwar accompanied by his wife, the first lady of Punjab (Pakistan) Parveen Sarwar visited the Gurdwara in Palatine, Illinois on May 28, 2021.

Their delegation included the Counsel General of Pakistan in Chicago Tariq Karim, their staff and families, along with several local Pakistani American community members, according to a press release from the Sikh Religious Society (SRS).

The SRS Palatine, Illinois Gurdwara management board hosted the delegation who were in Chicago for a fundraiser for a clean water project in Pakistan.

Governor Sarwar updated the Chicago Sikh community about the progress of construction and renovation of Sikh shrines in Pakistan and promoted religious tourism.

Governor Sarwar and the entourage were led to the gurdwara congregation hall to pay respects to the Guru Granth Sahib. SRS president Amardev Singh welcomed the delegation in the langar (dining) hall.

Counsel Karim assured that he would facilitate any visa services and help required to visit Sikh Shrines in Pakistan.

Thakar Singh Basati hosted the program and Sajid Chaudhary talked about Global Punjabi Milap.

The governor spoke in Punjabi and described his friendships and cooperation with the Sikh community in UK where he became the first ever Muslim Member of Parliament from Glasgow in Scotland in 1997. Later he gave up his British citizenship to become the governor of Punjab, in Pakistan.

Governor Sarwar talked about the renovation progress made so far to the Sikh shrines in Pakistan and formation of Baba Guru Nanak University in Nankana Sahib Pakistan under his watch.

He believes he understands the sensibilities and issues of the minority communities, so he is mindful of the minority Sikh community in Pakistan and he assured to do his best to take care of them and considers their welfare as a part of Pakistan’s responsibility.

Governor Sarwar added that the Pakistani Prime minister Imran Khan is focused on developing and promoting tourism to Pakistan and renovation of Sikh and other communities’ shrines and landmark buildings.

Sikh Religious Society President Amardev Singh welcomes Governor of Punjab Chaudhary Muhammad Sarwar to Palentine, IL. Photo courtesy oganizers

SRS board members presented several books authored by Sikh writers to the governor.

Rajinder Singh Mago in his remarks pointed out that the Sikh religious tourism which right now includes only a few gurdwaras should be expanded to Sikh Heritage or Sikh Legacy tourism to include Sikh history, culture, art, architecture and military traditions like forts, Havelis and other historical buildings related to Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Lahore Darbar and his generals like Hari Singh Nalwa.

The event was coordinated by Thakar Singh Basati and Sajid Chaudhary of Global Punjabi Milap organization.




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