Public Service Announcement: Vedantic scholar conducts 5-day self-help classes online, announces future plans

Vedantic scholar Prayagraj Hule. PHOTO: Asian Media USA

Prayagraj Hule, a well-known Vedantic scholar, recently concluded a 5-day series on self-help at the International University of Vedic Wellness in Streamwood, IL.

“His talks resonated with people across Chicago land, leaving a profound impact on the youth and individuals of diverse backgrounds,” a press release from the scholar’s office said, adding, “This universal message transcended race and religion, offering knowledge that spoke to the shared human experience.”

In collaboration with the University, Prayagraj plans to offer youth and adult retreats in 2024 as well as online sessions throughout the year.

For more information contact Aparna Kulkarni 847-306-7616 or



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