Public Service Announcement: Indian Americans mobilize earthquake relief for Turkey

India’s NDRF helps rescue victims of the disastrous earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Photo Twitter @NDRF

Lions member Bina Mehta of South Brunswick, New Jersey is mobilizing supplies for earthquake victims in Turkey where some 46,000 people have been killed. She is working to gather supplies based on the requests from the Turkish consulate in New York, and has connected with several other Indian-American organizations and businesses to collect the most wanted items for victims of the earthquake in Turkey. As of now, the Syrian areas are not within the scope of the assistance from the Indian-American group.

Some products have already been supplied in the thousands, like winter jackets, pants, sweaters, scarfs, beanie hats, gloves, woolen socks, shoes, diapers, sanitary napkins, hygiene wipes, over the counter medications, sleeping bags, blankets, tents, orthopedic supplies, dry and processed foods.

Mehta got connected with individuals and a few organizations, like South Brunswick Public Library, Jain Center of New Jersey, GOPIO-CT,  Patel Brothers and many individuals whom she knew and many are unknown who selflessly helped during this humanitarian crisis.

Each of the above have worked in getting her supplies and Mehta has made five trips so far to the Turkish consulate in New York center to deliver the necessary items.

According to the current situation, the urgent needs are for tents, sleeping bags, and blankets. Mehta has negotiated a special price with Teton sporting goods. They are giving a three-person tent retailing for $170 for a special discount of $94 and a sleeping bag which retails for $85 for a special discount of $40. The blankets cost $12 which retails for over $25.

Attached are the links and unique codes for the discounts.

Each has to be shipped to Bina Mehta 27 Deans Lane, Monmouth junction, NJ 08852.

Bina can be reached at 732-668-8422 for any questions or details.

lionbinamehta1 – Celsius 0 Bags

lionbinamehta2 – Mountain Ultra 3 Person Tent

You may buy blankets through the vendor directly as direct order.



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