Privasent health identity security system surpasses 20,000 users at Saint Peter’s

Patient privacy and protection are at the core of Privasent’s user smart card.


Saint Peter’s University Hospital announced today that it has enrolled more than 20,000 patients to use Privasent™, a healthcare technology focused on unique, absolute and interoperable healthcare identity. Saint Peter’s has demonstrated that Privasent’s unique and absolute identity eliminated identity errors, ensured accurate matching of electronic health records, and was embraced by patients as a means to protect their privacy and health identity.

Privasent’s patented solution combines smart card, biometric and security technologies to produce a unique, absolute and interoperable identity that can scale to a national patient identifier. It is the next generation of patient identity matching, using two-factor authentication to provide absolute certainty as opposed to probabilistic matching. This unique identity can only be used to access healthcare services, thus protecting a patient’s privacy and identity. Patients are registered in the Privasent network with the issuance of a Privasent card and the capture of a palm vein pattern. Each time a patient checks in for care, Privasent validates their identity and the electronic health record, or EHR, associated with the identity.

Caregivers can search Privasent to identify other EHRs associated with this identity throughout Privasent’s network of providers and determine which must be accessed to provide relevant medical history for the patient’s care. Privasent differs from other biometric identity systems, which only use biometrics as an additional demographic. In those systems, the biometric is primarily applied only within the silo of a specific delivery of care facility and not across multiple care settings.

The Privasent smartcard solution makes patients feel safe and confident that their providers are using the right medical records for their care. Privasent supports patient safety by reducing duplicate errors and it virtually eliminates medical identity fraud while protecting patient privacy. The smartcard facilitates the exchange of data with other systems and uses multi-factor identification, which allows for scaling to millions of patients, providing better healthcare for all.

“We looked at other biometric identity solutions but only Privasent guarantees identity absolutely. Our patients and staff require certainty when life is on the line,” said Garrick Stoldt, chief financial officer of Saint Peter’s Healthcare System.

About Privasent and Malta Systems
As a wholly owned subsidiary of Partnet, Malta Systems may be a relatively young company, but it is backed by a decades-deep background in Internet innovation. A near tragedy changed the company’s course when Don Brown, Malta Systems president and founder, had a personal encounter with electronic health records and their lack of portability. In 2011, his wife was seriously injured in an accident located far from their home medical center. In the height of the emergency, progress was halted when the doctors were unable to confirm the accuracy of her medical records.

Precious time slipped by while the team resorted to guesswork by family members for answers to essential questions like what medications she might be taking. The lack of an electronic medical record that was positively associated with her nearly ended in tragedy. However, thanks to excellent teams in air medical and shock trauma, she has now fully recovered. That harrowing event was the impetus for Privasent. Dr. Brown turned his team’s attention to the problems with EHRs and they responded with a ground breaking innovation designed to prevent experiences like this and save lives worldwide.

About Saint Peter’s Healthcare System
Saint Peter’s Healthcare System Inc., parent company of the Saint Peter’s healthcare delivery system, is comprised of Saint Peter’s University Hospital, a 478-bed acute-care teaching hospital; Saint Peter’s Foundation, the fundraising arm of the hospital, and Saint Peter’s Health and Management Services Corp., which oversees the system’s outpatient facilities. These include the CARES Surgicenter; New Brunswick Cardiac Cath Lab; Community Care Services Inc., and Saint Peter’s Adult Day Center in Monroe. Saint Peter’s Healthcare System is sponsored by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Metuchen. For more information about Saint Peter’s Healthcare System visit or call 732-745-8600.



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