Princeton U moving to “virtual instruction” in response to Cononavirus

Nassau Hall, Princeton University (Photo:

The President of Princeton University Chris Eisgruber sent out a message March 9, 2020, that following spring break students will be holding classes online and there would be a decrease the number of gatherings on campus.

“Though we continue to believe the risk of transmission on our campus is currently low, we know that community spread is occurring in various parts of the United States, including in the state of New York, which has declared a state of emergency,” Eisgruber noted.

While much remains unknown about COVID-19’s epidemiology and impact, the University, like other Ivy League institutions, is adopting a “social distancing” policy, allowing students to continue their studies through virtual classes.

“Acting now will also give students who wish to do so the option to stay home after Spring Break and meet academic requirements remotely,” Eisgruber said.

With the goal of decreasing the number of instances that require community members to gather in large groups or spend extended periods of time in close proximity with each other, the university aims to “virtualize any activities, such as lectures, seminars, and precepts, that can be put online.”

The new regulations will take effect March 23 and continue to April 5, when they will be reassessed.

 “We encourage students to consider staying home after Spring Break.  If students choose to remain home after Spring Break, we will make sure that they are able to meet their academic requirements remotely,” Eisgruber emphasized..




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