Prime Minister Modi meets Indian community in Japan, holds bilat with PM Abe

PM Modi greeting a crowd of more than 500 Indians who came to see him in Kobe June 26/27, 2019 on the sidelines of the G 20 Summit. (Photo: Narendra Modi Twitter account)

On the sidelines of his visit to Japan for the G-20 Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met members of the Indian community in Kobe, June 27. He was scheduled to meet U.S. President Donald Trump later that evening, where controversial trade tariffs that the President has railed against, were expected to dominate the discussion.

“Had a wonderful community progamme in Kobe. Interacting with the Indian diaspora is always special,” Modi tweeted.

Indians living in Japan came to see PM Modi in Kobe June 26, 2019 (Photo: courtesy Narendra Modi Twitter)

Hundreds came to hear the Prime Minister and pplauded repeatedly during his speech. Modi dealt at length upon his decisive victory.

In a tweet, Modi said, “Outcome of the 2019 Lok Sabha polls has caused immense happiness among the Indian diaspora. At the community programme, I asked those who had gathered- the win in 2019 is whose win? They promptly replied- it is a win for honesty. Their answer was very pleasing.”

The victory of honesty, he said in his speech delivered in Hindi, snippets of which were posted on his Twitter account, was “A victory of people’s democracy (Loktantra).”

He credited communities abroad on having a perspective about the win and about his government because of their distance from the homeland.

“Sometimes when I see a cricket match at a stadium, and a player gets out, it takes time to figure out how they got out. But seeing the match from home on TV, one can immediately see the reason,” Modi said, equating the positive view that many in the diaspora hold of his administration, gained from their physical distance from India.

Prime Minister Modi meets Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe in first bilateral at G-20 summit in Osaka (Photo: Narendra Modi Twitter account)

Modi kicked off his official schedule at the G-20 with a one-on-one with Japan’s Prime Minister  Shinzo Abe in Osaka. Describing it as “an excellent meeting with my friend” Modi said, ” Our talks covered the full range of India-Japan relations. Extensive cooperation between India and Japan augurs well for the citizens of our countries and the entire world.”




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