Prem Prakash Hindu Temple in Queens opens with great fanfare

Organizers and some of the attendees at the new Prem Prakash Hindu Temple in Queens, NY, which held opening ceremonies  September 26-30, 2023. PHOTO: Prem Prakash Hindu Temple

The Prem Prakash Hindu Temple opened in Queens, NY, with great fanfare Sept. 26 to Sept. 30, 2023, fulfilling the dream of devotees. The mela was attended by hundreds of people. On the last day, more than 500 people came, a press release from organizers said. Devotees came from places around the world including Dubai, Indonesia, Belize, Jamaica, India, Curacao, and Spain.

Some of the devotees at the new Prem Prakash Hindu Temple in Queens, NY, which opened September 26-30 , 2023. PHOTO: Prem Prakash Hindu Temple
Ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Prem Prakash Hindu Temple inaugurated in Queens, NY. PHOTO: Prem Prakash Hindu Temple

According to the press release, the temple was the dream of late Satguru Haridasramji Maharaj, an idea he discussed with Dr. Ashok Chainani & Kamal Chainani and it finally reached its fruition.

Located in the heart of the Indian community in Elmhurst on Queens Blvd, the five-day mela was inaugurated by Satguru Bhagat Prakashji Maharaj. Pran pratishta of all deities was done under his supervision on September 28 which was seen as a very auspicious day.

“None of this would’ve been possible without the support of all the sewadharis (volunteers). God bless the sewadharis,” the press release said, especially naming Kailash Kumar & wife Minu from Dubai, Gope & Anita from Indonesia, Gordhandas, Ashok, Gurmukhdas etc. from India (Bharat), and Jagdish & Chandni from Curaçao.



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