IT industry leaders in Silicon Valley say ‘India (has) emerged as credible innovator globally’

Indiaspora’s AI Summit 2024 held in Stanford University April 26, 2024. PHOTO X @IndiasporaForum

Indian American IT industry leaders lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership for putting India on the global map as a “credible innovator and leader” for all nations to invest in and grow.

Speaking at the Indiaspora AI Summit 2024 on ‘Can Artificial intelligence be good force for future or not’ at the University of Stanford on April 26, 2024, Informatica CEO Amit Walia said, “India is perceived very differently in the global space. It’s a space of innovation. It’s a space of human capital. It’s a space of progress and innovation. And as we look forward, what Modi has been able to do is put India into the global map as a credible innovator, leader for all countries to invest in and grow.”

Speaking at the same event, Elastic CEO Ashutosh Kulkarni said, “The Prime Minister and the government has been doing some amazing work and their focus on being open to innovation, their focus on industry, their focus on bringing the population, India is now one of the, it is the largest, most populous country in the world and bringing that population towards progress, the way they have tapped into the potential of this country has just been fantastic.”

Flyer of Indiaspora’s summit on AI, showing some of the speakers at the conference in Stanford, April 26, 2024. PHOTO X @IndiasporaForum

Calling PM Modi’s era “amazing,” Mayfield Fund Managing Partner Navin Chaddha said, “The Modi era has been amazing, the kind of relationship they’ve been able to build with the United States. And to be able to connect the Indian diaspora, which is doing extremely well in the tech industry, hats off to them. And also the progress India is making in using technology, improving the infrastructure is just amazing. So, Mr Modi, keep doing what you’re doing.”

CIO, Harvard Business School Rohit Jain, speaker and moderator at the IndiaSpora summit  said, “Mr Modi needs to increase his guarantee because he’s always been delivering. So, I think his promises have been 100 per cent true. So, he now needs to promise 110 per cent and then again he’ll deliver on that. Mr Modi, thank you for what you have done, not only for India, but for the world.”

Managing Director, National Venture Coverage and Business Development, MUFG, Priya Rajan, lauded PM Modi’s leadership in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. She said, “I see the Modi magic play is in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, which is an adventure ecosystem. So you can see the number of VCs now wanting to invest, not just where in India, investing in India, but the world investors around the world wanting to do things. And you’re seeing kind of US, a ton of US global investors now setting up shops in India. I think that’s all coming back to what Modi magic has created.”

Indian Rajya Sabha MP Satnam Singh Sandhu participated in the event.Taking to X,  Sandhu said, “Indiaspora AI Summit, Stanford University, USA: Delighted to be a part of the summit where we had @ericgarcetti, US Ambassador to India, Indian Diaspora and business leaders from IT sectors who reiterated how PM @narendramodi Ji is leveraging AI to shape nation’s future strategy to build Viksit Bharat by 2047.”
“They highlighted PM Modi’s tech-savvy approach and his efforts to promote AI applications in various sectors like agriculture, health-care, and education for social development and inclusive growth. They also condemned the Western bias against India to rank them lower in parameters like Ease of doing business, and cite the irregularities while computing such rankings,” he added.

Earlier in December, PM Narendra Modi said that artificial intelligence is a dynamic issue and that India is working on creating a global framework for AI. He made the remarks while interacting with the participants of the Grand Finale of the Smart India Hackathon.
Speaking to the participants via video conferencing, the Prime Minister said, “AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a very dynamic issue. If one solution is brought in, the mischievous people will find another way. We have to be very alert to any new technology. It can be very useful if used within rules, but if it is used in the wrong way, it can create a lot of problems.”
“We all are aware of the generative AI-created deep fake videos that look completely real. Hence we need to be more alert before believing any photo or video. India is working on creating a global framework for AI,” said PM Modi.



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