Police investigating armed robbery at South Carolina gas station; employee shot several times

Surveillance shots of the suspect. Photo: www.facebook.com/NorthCharlestonPoliceDepartment/

On Feb 22, at approximately 3.20 am a masked man entered the BP gas station located on Ashley Phosphate road in North Charleston, South Carolina and shot an employee before robbing the store of hundreds of dollars in cash, according to the North Charleston Police Department (NCPD).

Officers say they received a call regarding the shooting just before 3:30 a.m. in the 2700 block of Ashley Phosphate Road, a news report on Counton2.com reported.

When officers arrived at the scene, they located a male victim inside the business suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

Puja Patel, daughter of the gas station’s owner is seen describing the incident in an interview with Counton2.com.

She said, on the night of the incident around 3am the suspect came inside the store when the overnight employees – the victim and his wife were working there.

The suspect first went to the restroom even after being told it was out of order. The victim was in the kitchen when the suspect came out of the washroom.

“He turned around, looked at the male victim and just fired. He fired three times. One of the bullets hit his chest, which is currently in his chest right now,” Patel told Counton2.

Another bullet split open the victim’s chin, and a third shot through the edge of the back of his head. The victim was in surgery for most of the next afternoon. Doctors said he will likely make it through, the news report said.

The suspect came to the counter and held the victim’s wife at gunpoint. He stole the change box and fled.

According to Patel, the husband was able to stumble out of the kitchen area where he fell to the floor and a customer helped his wife call 911.

Patel said doctors believe the victim will survive since the bullets did not hit any major organs.

The suspect is facing attempted murder charges. Authorities are working to identify him news reports said.



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