Physician speaks at United Nations on importance of meditation

Dr. Kunwarjit Singh Duggal speaking at the United Nations, March 10, 2017, on “Cultivating Inner Peace for Outer Peace,” as guest of United Nations Salus Well-being Network

Dr. Kunwarjit Singh Duggal, a guest of the United Nations Salus Well-Being Network, on March 8 spoke on the importance of “Cultivating Inner Peace for Outer Peace,” in the Secretariat Conference room at the United Nations. Duggal is a Board-Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist and an assistant professor at Rush University Meditation Center in Chicago.

Duggan was at the U.N. representing the Science of Spirituality, a worldwide, spiritual organization dedicated to transforming lives through meditation. His father, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, head of Science of Spirituality, spoke at the U.N. last May on “Meditation as Medication for the Soul.”

By his own admission, Duggal is passionate about meditation as an intervention for many of life’s challenges, whether worldly or personal. He lectures extensively on meditation as an effective intervention for physical and emotional medical disorders.

In his speech, Duggal detailed the latest scientific research on the proven benefits of meditation, noting the different types of meditation. He also talked about several studies which focused on peace, stress and anxiety.

“My main message here is to talk about peace,” he told the audience. “How do we achieve peace? . . . In order to take peace to the next level, we have to find peace within ourselves first before we can go on helping the rest of society,” he noted.

He quoted a study where people were asked to meditate each morning for 21 straight days for a short duration of time. The researchers measured cortisol (the stress hormone) levels before and after 21 days and found a significant decrease in every participant. Other studies also found that for patients undergoing orthopedic rehabilitation those who meditated benefitted twice as much as those who were treated only with therapeutic exercise.

Duggal then presented a meditation technique practiced at the Science of Spirituality, Jyoti meditation, after which everyone had a chance to meditate for a short period.
The afternoon concluded with a question and answer session.



  1. Dr Duggal’s talk was filled with many real life examples of people with serious medical and emotional issues who had benefitted from meditation. I was able to share some of this information with friends who struggled with the same types of issues. It was a very worthwhile and interesting talk about scientific studies regarding meditation. I hope that it remains on the United Nations website as an archived talk for others to access.

  2. Very insightful presentation by Dr. Duggal backed up with some amazing studies and personal examples illustrating the significance of meditation to achieve perfect health. Also loved the part where he offered meditation as a solution for conflict resolution. Much needed today. Loved every bit of it.

  3. I truly enjoyed it; especially the information about scientific studies regarding the positive results of meditation. I too, hope that it remains on the United Nations website as an archived talk for others to access. I look forward to more of Dr. Duggal’s speeches on meditation in the future.

  4. It was a wonderful and inspiring speech.It will have, no doubt,an impact on how we treat medical problems or traumas in the near future.To finally hear from a professional, that there is solutions other than swallowing a handful of pills, was a breath of fresh air. Dr.Duggal, thanks to his expertise and savoir-faire, is in a unique position to revolutionize the world of Medicine as we know it.Too many have die or lost hope because of the side-effect of too many prescription drugs, and it is time for a radical change.At almost 60 and in perfect health,I can personally attest that broken ribs, sciatica, or even addiction , respond extremely well to the healing power of meditation and as such, I feel privileged to have witnessed such a historical moment. Shabash Dr. Duggal !!!! Well Done!!!!

  5. It was indeed very inspiring, uplifting and wonderful talk. Dr. Duggal’s unique way of showing that spirituality has a scientific approach, exemplied by real examples of various people was just fabulous. I really look forward to more of Dr. Duggal’ talks on meditation in the future. I want to thank United Nations for organising such wonderful talks for us.


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