Over 500 gather to remember and pay tribute to Dr. Jayesh Shah

Dr. Jayesh C. Shah

Friends, family and loved ones of Dr. Jayesh ​Chhotalal ​Shah gathered on Sunday, March 4 at the Mahatma Gandhi ​Center & Hindu Temple in Wayne, New Jersey to celebrate his life and pay tribute.​​

Many described Shah as a wonderful son, an amazing husband, a caring brother, a loving uncle, a compassionate philanthropist, a genuine friend, a caring doctor, a soulful artist and a man of virtues.

The gathering was organized by his beloved wife Kusum along with other family and friends.​ ​

Shah was on his trip to India when he suddenly passed away on Dec. 23, leaving everyone in shock and grief.

Shah was remembered in the most positive way, as over 500 people gathered to reminisce on the memories they shared with him as well as pay tribute to him.

The gathering started with a beautiful rendition of ‘”H​e Karuna ​Na​ ​Karnara​” through a video clip which was sung by ​Shah ​himself.

After this, the place was overfilled with warmth and love.

Through his profession, social activities, singing and his love for family and friends, Shah touched the lives of everyone he came across.

He even taught people how to love, live and help others while he encouraged and empowered those in need.

Shah had also contributed to Kusum Jayesh Bhulka Bhavan in Vyara, which is home to over 1,200 children that provide them with an early education.

He had a deep love for art and Gujarati literature and was the Vice President of Gujarati Literary Academy.

Shah also published Ankit Trivedi’s first ‘Gazal Sangrah’ and helped make Ranjitram Suvarna Chandrak of real gold when it was awarded to Madhu Rye.

At the end, Kusum Shah, his wife, expressed her deep and heartfelt gratitude for the outpouring of love and support she received during difficult time as the support of friends and family has given her the strength needed to move forward.



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