Our trip to Corpus Christi and San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio River Walk (All photos courtesy of Lina Shah)

This summer was the perfect time to visit San Antonio, a city with a rich colonial heritage, along with Corpus Christi, a historical Coastal Capital of South Texas. We used www.visitsanantonio.com and www.visitcorpuschristi.com to plan our trip and find things to do in these most attractive cities in North America.

Ours was a second visit to the beautiful city of San Antonio, and since we had already covered the major attractions on our first trip, such as the Alamo, Art Museum, Witte Museum, and San Antonio Botanical Garden, this time we wanted to explore the rest of the attractions, visiting Corpus Christi.

On the very first day, we walked to the beautiful and historic Pearl area near the river and enjoyed the modern and vibrant community. We had a great dining experience at Mi Roti Caribbean restaurant, which offers sophisticated wraps of Roti, a West Indian flatbread, where Chef’s mission is to elevate and modernize Caribbean Street food. The ciusine was a delightful fusion of authentic Caribbean flavors and truly delicious.

SeaWorld San Antonio

The next day, we visited SeaWorld San Antonio, the world’s largest marine-life theme park focused on conservation, education, and animal rescue. The park is filled with thrilling roller coaster rides. Our kids had a blast experiencing Wave Breaker, Texas Stingray, and Journey to Atlantis. We also enjoyed various live entertainment and animal shows featuring killer whales, sea lions, sea turtles, and dolphins. The last show of the day was a mesmerizing spectacle with electrifying music, vibrant singing, and captivating effects. At night, we were enchanted by Sparks fly at Bayside Stadium, where the premier athletes from SeaWorld’s Hydro Action Team came together to ignite the night with dynamic hydro-sport action and explosive effects.

Pharm Table

For dinner, we chose Pharm Table, a unique Apothecary kitchen restaurant that offers plant-forward meals featuring locally sourced, globally inspired food, promoting an overall better quality of life. We indulged in an ayurvedic wellness flight with fresh ginger, turmeric, beet, and super green shots. Additionally, we savored the flavors of Punjab lentil kitchari with curry leaf, red lentils, aged basmati rice, and coconut cilantro chutney.

During our visit, we made sure to explore the historic Chinese Tea Gardens, also known as Sunken Gardens, in Brackenridge Park. And of course, we couldn’t miss the famous and relaxing Riverwalk along the San Antonio River. To truly appreciate the city’s beauty, we took the renowned Go Rio Tour, which guided us through the backwaters of San Antonio, providing historical insights, showcasing wonders, and immersing us in the unique culture of the city. Additionally, we had a delightful time at The Alamo Quarry Market, a premier shopping and dining destination. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Green Vegetarian Cuisine, which offers meatless and plant-based versions of everyday dishes, and later watched a movie at Regal Alamo Quarry.

USS Lexington

We embarked on our weekend trip, a journey to Corpus Christi, which is approximately a two-hour drive from San Antonio. Corpus Christi is home to several popular destinations that captivate both tourists and residents alike. We reveled in the beauty of the magnificent beaches of North Padre Island Seashore, the world’s longest barrier island. Furthermore, we visited the USS Lexington Museum on the bay, where we immersed ourselves in naval history aboard a real WWII aircraft carrier, explored the massive flight deck and its fleet of historic aircraft, gaining insights into the inner workings of a naval ship.

In Corpus Christi, we had the pleasure of visiting the Texas State Aquarium, where we encountered a multitude of sea creatures, including playful dolphins, sea turtles, and stingrays. We learned about marine conservation and immersed ourselves in underwater worlds in the 4D theater. Additionally, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Museum of Science and History of Corpus Christi, located near the Harbor Bridge and waterfront.

Overall, we had a fantastic time exploring all that San Antonio has to offer. This vibrant city has a wealth of interesting attractions and delightful restaurants waiting to be discovered.

Lina Shah is a Freelance Writer, Editor, Teacher, Social Worker and Financial Professional. Inspired by her father, she is a multi-talented suburban Chicagoland wife and a mother of two, who also enjoys cooking, social gathering and event planning.



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