Opponents of H-1B visa to demonstrate at White House on Modi visit

The poster for the rally to be held during the bilateral meeting between President Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi June 26. (Photo: Twitter)

A “You’re Fired” rally is scheduled to be held outside the White House when President Donald Trump meets India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi June 26.

The rally is meant to represent those Americans who believe their jobs were taken by foreign high-skilled workers through the H-1B visa. According to data on applicants for this visa, Indians constitute around 70 percent of those who get it. The rally is being organized by attorney Sara Blackwell who has represented those laid off as a result of outsourcing of jobs, Breitbart Texas reported June 20.

Blackwell previously told the new outlet that “The offshoring is worse than the visa program.”

“You got our vote, now we want a voice,” says the flyer for the rally, that is available on Twitter.

The planned rally comes in the wake of some assurances President Trump gave to tech industry leaders in a meeting June 19, that he may be flexible on his approach to the H-1B visa which he has put under review.

According to Breitbart Texas, the IT industry has stepped up lobbying efforts to protect the H-1B visa but many have conceded that it needs to be reviewed and reformed but not scrapped. The Indian government is also being pressured by its tech industry to approach President Trump on the issue.

“India has profited so much from the U.S.’s immigration policies, including the H-1B visa, that a new study revealed that the foreign nation has enjoyed an economic tech boom as American jobs are taken by Indian nationals and outsourcing fully to India,” the Breitbart report contends.




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