On new Netflix show, Kapil Sharma opens up about his first love—wife Ginni

Kapil Sharma gets candid about his life on the new Netflix show Kapil Sharma: I’m Not Done Yet Photo: Publicis-Consultants Asia

The stand-up special, Kapil Sharma: I’m Not Done Yet airing exclusively on Netflix from January 28, takes audiences on an unusual ride through the comedian’s life as he bares all and opens his heart up through hilarious anecdotes. His love story and his first encounter with Mumbai as a city are two examples here.

Some stories are nothing short of a Hindi movie, and that was the case with Kapil Sharma’s and Ginni’s love story. The ace comic, who is gearing up for his much-awaited streaming debut on Netflix with the comedy special, Kapil Sharma: I’m Not Done Yet, spills the beans on how he met the love of his life and what brought the two together.  He also lets on that his first love now is not comedy but his wife!

The couple tied the knot in 2018. From laughing together and being each other’s pillars of strength, the couple welcomed their first child in 2019 and their son was born last year. In a candid conversation, Kapil unfolds their romantic tale and reveals why he initially felt it would not work out between them.

Giving the viewers a delightfully funny sneak-peek into his life, he said, “Ginni was in a Girls’ College in Jalandhar, and was three or four years younger to me. I was pursuing my Post-Graduate Diploma in Commercial Arts. I was always participating in theater and visiting other colleges. Ginni was my student and really bright. She was good at histrionics and skits, so I made her my assistant. Also, she ​​hailed from a well-to-do family. I remember she would come in an expensive car every day to college and I would ride my scooter.”

He goes on, “She fell for me first, but because of our class difference, I would have doubts about our future. One of my friends even said that Ginni likes me, but I didn’t take it seriously. I never thought anything would be possible between the two of us. But God has been very kind and I’m lucky that I got married to her. She has always been very supportive. I remember when I was going through a rough patch and I decided to set things right in my life, marrying her was the first thing I did. Today, I’m lucky to have been blessed with two amazing kids.”

The upcoming Netflix special opens up an all-new Kapil. Known widely as India’s comedy king, Kapil has proven to be an entertainer who brings laughter into everyone’s homes. With his spontaneity, comic timing and simplicity, he is a household name today, who is here for more and He Isn’t Done Yet.

As he says, “I had no plan as such. People will laugh if I tell them how I started. Maine pehle BSF ke liye try ki, phir army mein gaya (I first tried to join the Border Security Force, then the Army), and my father and uncles were part of the police force. But Papa knew many musicians and ended up introducing me to them. He wanted me to do something big or maybe creative in life.”

Getting candid about his first encounter with Mumbai city, he adds, “I came with my friends. We would roam around Juhu Beach looking out for directors, as if they had nothing better to do in life! From then to now, things have changed so much. That’s Mumbai, that’s what it does. It gives scooter-walas like me an opportunity to stand on a stage and entertain people. Mujhe yaad hai main bilkul naya tha Mumbai mein (I remember I was totally new to Mumbai city) and was unaware of what was coming my way, making my way through the bustling streets, only dreaming of being where I am now.”



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