Obeetee launches new collection by Abraham & Thakore in New York City

Indian fashion designer David Abraham. Photo: Sujeet Rajan.

NEW YORK – Obeetee,  India’s  largest  luxury  carpet  maker,  launched  the  second  edition  of  the  ‘Proud  to  be  Indian’  series  with  Abraham  &  Thakore,  one  of  the  most  successful  and  respected  fashion  and  design  houses  in  India, at a reception at abc carpet & home, in New York City, on May 22.

The 18 exclusively designed hand-knotted carpets, comprised of calligraphy, ikat, sari and block prints, ranging in price, according to size, from around $4,000-$19,000, is available at abc carpet & home, in New York City.

The first edition of the ‘Proud to be Indian’ series launched by Obeetee, was designed by Indian fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani.

David Abraham came down from India for the launch, while his business partner Rakesh Thakore couldn’t make it because of an expired visa, which couldn’t be renewed on time.

Rudra Chatterjee, Managing Director of Luxmi Group and the Chairman of Obeetee.

Also present at the reception was Rudra Chatterjee, alum of the Columbia Business School, who is the Managing Director of Luxmi Group and the Chairman of Obeetee, a company which will celebrate 100 years in 2020.

The reception also featured an engaging talk by Li Edelkoort, one of the world’s most famous trend forecasters, who spoke about emerging fashion trends from India, especially for Summer 2019.

American fashion designer Waris ahluwalia. Photo: Sujeet Rajan.

Hosting the event along with abc carpet & home was American designer and actor Waris Ahluwalia, who travels often to India.

Asked by News India Times if his travel travails have become less – after he hit global headlines two years ago for being kicked out of an Aeromexico flight for refusing to take off his turban and almost missing the New York Fashion Week, Ahluwalia laughed, before responding: “Well, it’s better, but I shouldn’t say anything, because it might happen again tomorrow.”

Guests at the reception, including the Consul General of India in New York, Ambassador Sandeep Chakravorty, were treated to wine, tea, and hors d’oeuvres, with live music rendered by the Human Experience – David Block, featuring Kat Factor.

The  ‘Proud  to  be  Indian’  collection by Abraham & Thakore touches upon India’s  fascinating  elements: the borders of vintage saris from Kanchipuram, block prints from  Sanganer and the timeless tie and dye  Bandhani from Kutch.

One of the carpets, ‘Chettinad’, designed by Abraham & Thakore, for Obeetee.

The  designs  are  also  influenced  by  the  geometry  of  double  Ikat Telia Rumals and  the art of calligraphy and its ornate lettering techniques.  Other elements like old handwritten letters, faded ink and calligraphic strokes have also been used by the designers.

In an interview to News India Times, Abraham explained that it took as long as two years for completion of some of the carpets.

“The  beauty  of  this  collection  lies  in  the  technical  virtuosity  of  a  hand-knotted  carpet,  where  millions  of  threads  are  individually  knotted  together  to  create  the  complex  surface  of  matte  and  sheen,” Abraham explained.

One of the carpets, ‘Rangrez’, designed by Abraham & Thakore, for Obeetee.

According to Abraham, whose debut eponymous collection was launched at the high-end department store Bergdorf Goodman, the large-scale mechanization of textile manufacture is both inevitable and necessary, but because of this, handmade textiles and craft need greater protection and support.

Thakore’s sophisticated hand-woven fabrics for scarves, saris and clothing, have been included in major textile exhibitions in The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and the Hokkaido Museum.

(Sujeet Rajan is Executive Editor, Parikh Worldwide Media. Email him: sujeet@newsindiatimes.com Follow him on Twitter @SujeetRajan1)




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