NRS Offers Free Delivery for Retailers

(Photo courtesy of NRS)

National Retail Solutions (NRS) recently announced an exciting new offering to help independent retailers better compete against big-box e-commerce competitors – free delivery for retailers when their customers shop online through the NRS Ecommerce program.

NRS, a leading point-of-sale and payment processing provider for independent retailers, will now facilitate delivery for participating retailers at no additional cost per order. This provides a significant competitive edge for small and mid-sized brick-and-mortar stores looking to grow their online presence.

“Delivery, at no additional cost to our retailers, is just another way we are helping them succeed amidst a plethora of big box online competitors,” said NRS CEO Elie Y. Katz.

NRS partners with DoorDash, Uber, Point Pickup, and Relay services to handle the delivery logistics. The retailer pays nothing for the delivery service since it is free as part of the NRS Ecommerce program. Customers pay a small delivery fee and service fee for the convenience of delivery to their door.

This free delivery service provides true omnichannel capability for retailers. With the NRS Ecommerce program, retailers can have their own branded website, inclusion in the BR Club app, robust point-of-sale and inventory management, and now free delivery for online orders.

“E-commerce continues to gain market share across retail verticals. Our program helps our customers capitalize on this shift,” said Ari Korman, SVP of E-Commerce at NRS.

The free delivery service is effective immediately for current and new NRS Ecommerce program participants. This allows independent retailers to better compete in an increasingly digital retail world.

For over ten years, NRS has innovated in providing technology solutions for independent retailers. The company operates the leading point-of-sale (POS) terminal-based platform and payment processing service for small and mid-sized brick-and-mortar retailers across the United States. The robust, custom-built NRS POS system offers a complete checkout, inventory, and management ecosystem. Key features include sales tracking and reporting, inventory management, employee tracking, remote management via web and mobile app, integrated payment processing via NRS Pay, coupon and loyalty programs, and add-ons like age verification and fraud prevention. NRS serves over 25,000 active retailer locations nationwide.

Adding free delivery for online orders provides another way for NRS to help independent retailers succeed. The company continues to invest in emerging technologies to empower small independent businesses. As consumer shopping habits shift online, local stores must meet customers where they are. NRS gives independent retailers the tools to blend brick-and-mortar and e-commerce seamlessly.

The free delivery offering helps retailers provide top-notch customer experiences. With NRS powering the backend technology, retailers can focus on sales, service, and expanding reach. The future looks bright for independent stores as NRS innovates on their behalf. The free delivery announcement is the next step in the company’s roadmap. When independent retailers succeed and grow, local communities prosper.

NRS’s mission is to help retailers thrive in an increasingly digital world. By pairing world-class technology with small business service, National Retail Solutions (NRS) empowers the stores that form the backbone of neighborhoods across America.

Want to learn more about the NRS POS, with NRS Ecommerce and home delivery at no cost to your store? Call 1-877-202-8112 or go to



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