North South Foundation holds McDonald’s Chicago Education Expo 2017

(L to R) Dr. Raj Rajagopal, Raja Selvakumar, Ishan Puri, Safiya Johnson, University of Iowa Admission officer, and Stanley Yuan.

The McDonald’s Chicago Education Expo 2017, was held July 15, at Yellow Box Church in Naperville , Illinois and was attended by 500 children and their parents, a significant number of them Indian-Americans.. It was organized by the North South Foundation of Burr Ridge, Illinois.

Denis Chao

Presentations were made by university admission professionals and testimonials were given by National Merit Scholars, alumna, and a McDonald’s owner-operator Dennis Chao, according to a press release.

The participants and their topics were:

Ratnam Chitturi “Each Child A Winner” North South Organization

Safiya Johnson “Finding the Right College Fit” University of Chicago

Dr. Raj Rajagopal “Legacies and Admissions” University of Iowa

Stanley Yuan, “How to pursue excellence” Duke University

Ishan Puri, “Cracking College Admissions, Lessons from former admissions officers and Ivy League Graduates” CEO, Synocate, Stanford University

Raja Selvakumar “After Acceptance in College” Berkley, MIT

A panel discussion by the Morning Group, with Porus Dadabhoy followed. The afternoon session which started with Sarah Lee on ”Advice on applying to Guaranteed Medical School Programs” University of Illinois, followed by Lagunas Myra Sandra “The College Application Process” University of Illinois; Scholarship at McDonald’s Corporation, by Chao; Dr. Shweta Singh ” Stress and Coping” Loyola University; Aaditya Tolappa “Impact Looking Beyond College ” IMSA, Yale. There was also a panel discussion at the afternoon group led by Porus Dadanbhoy.

One hundred children also participated in a Mock Spelling Bee and math competition and the winners received an award. Door prizes of computer notebooks and gift cards were given at the end of the event.



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