Nitu Chandra excited about her Hollywood debut ‘Never Back Down – Revolt’

Nitu Chandra in ‘Never Back Down: Revolt’
Photo: screenshot from Sony Pictures-

Mumbai – Actor Nitu (also spelt Neetu) Chandra is all set to make her Hollywood debut with ‘Never Back Down – Revolt’.

For her role, Chandra, who lives in Los Angeles according to news reports, has undergone intense martial arts training.

Talking about the same, Chandra said, “As an actor, you always aspire to do something new and bring to the table something that hasn’t been done before and this is my shot at it. I have practised different forms of Martial arts especially Taekwondo for a long time and with my role in Never Back Down: Revolt, I think it finally became a stimulant for this development in my life. These special skills were the catalyst in getting me the role, I have done my best to play the role of Jaya in my best capacity.”

The project features Chandra as a fighter who is kidnapped and forced to battle in cut-throat underground fights to win her liberty against a gang that runs the fight trafficking ring.

“My hard work was well appreciated by the director Kellie Madison and now I’m waiting for the viewers globally to watch the trailer, the movie and it is gratifying. As exciting as it may be the role comes with its own set of challenges and I have grilled myself for hours rehearsing my moves and then performing. So far haven’t used anybody doubles and hope to keep it that way in the future as well. I can’t wait for the fans to see my new onscreen avatar, I am sure they will like what they see, I promise,” she added.

Produced by Sony Motion Pictures Worldwide, ‘Never Back Down – Revolt’, which is touted as an action-thriller, is scheduled to release on November 16.



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