Nirav Modi in New York, reports NDTV


NEW YORK – Nirav Modi, the notorious jeweler who is wanted in India for his Rs. 12,000-crore loan fraud, is allegedly still traveling with his Indian passport which was cancelled by the government in February and is believed to be in New York, according to NDTV.

Modi reportedly left India on January 1 and travelled to the UAE. He then left from there on February 2 and went to Hong Kong from where he fled to London on February 14 and is now in New York, said NDTV quoting an unidentified source.

“We have evidence with us to prove that he travelled on these dates to these countries. We will be presenting it all to the host country soon. If the host country accepts a traveler, the passport being suspended or cancelled is not an issue,” an official told NDTV.

In January, the CBI launched an investigation alleging that Modi had secured thousands of crores in loans which he failed to pay back using fake guarantees supplied by Punjab National Bank officials.

When Modi fled India, authorities in Hong Kong were told to arrest him and hand him over.

“Our mission has informed that the Department of Justice of Hong Kong are still examining our request for provisional order of arrest of Nirav Modi. We are awaiting response from the Hong Kong authorities,” foreign ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said on April 12, adding that the request was made on March 23.



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