New York Life to honor Jaydev Patel, the most successful agent in the company’s 178-year history

Jaydev Patel. PHOTO: Courtesy New York Life

An Indian American agent of New York Life has been recognized as the most successful performer in the 178 year history of the company.

Jaydev Patel, an agent at New York Life for 50 years, is being honored by the company which plans to name a dedicated space after him in its landmark Home Office building in New York City. The space will be named the Jaydev R. Patel Conference Center and his statue will be placed there with a plaque listing his achievements. “In honor of Mr. Patel’s decades of service to his clients – and for being the most successful agent in the history of New York Life – the company is recognizing him in a way that will endure well into the future,” New York Life said in an Oct. 20, 2023, press release.

In 1973, when Patel walked into his local New York Life office intending to work part time till he “found a new job,” little did he know he would remain there for 50 years and end up becoming the highest performing agent for the renowned insurance giant.

“Fifty years later he stands as the most successful agent in New York Life’s history, and his business continues to thrive today,” the company said.

“Thanks to his tireless work ethic, unwavering dedication, and commitment to his clients, Jay has delivered financial security and peace of mind to thousands of individuals and their loved ones,” New York Life Chair, President & CEO Craig DeSanto, is quoted saying, adding, “In doing so, he’s placed a staggering amount of life insurance coverage with clients that far exceeds the amount of any other agent in New York Life’s 178-year history.”

In honor of Patel’s decades of service to clients and for being the most successful agent in the history of New York Life – the company is recognizing him “in a way that will endure well into the future,” New York Life said.

The soon-to-open, state-of-the-art collaboration space in New York Life’s landmark Home Office building will be dedicated as the Jaydev R. Patel Conference Center, with a statue and plaque recognizing his many accomplishments.

Patel has qualified for New York Life’s Chairman’s Cabinet, a group of New York Life’s top 50 agents based on sales excellence, every year since its inception.

A decade into his career, he earned the title of New York Life Council President in 1983 – the highest honor the company can bestow on an agent.

He’s also a Qualifying Life member of the Million Dollar Round Table, one of the most distinguished groups in the life insurance industry globally as the standard of excellence for sales performance, having qualified for 50 years.

Patel measures success by the number of lives he has protected and the impact he’s had on his clients and their families.

“I personally think there is no other profession, if practiced with integrity and compassion, that provides as much personal satisfaction,” Patel said. “I truly enjoy my work. No matter how many hours I’ve put in over the years, they’ve never been the same as hours spent working for someone else. The greatest blessings of this business are the opportunities to serve and make meaningful impact, while also controlling one’s own destiny.”

Patel’s personal success played a pivotal role in inspiring many others to become agents and in New York Life’s commitment to continuously invest in the career agency model by building a significant presence in the cultural markets, a growth area for New York Life today, the company said in its press release.

Patel is also a philanthropist. Among his many activities in that sphere, Patel spearheaded and oversaw the renovation of three schools in his hometown, including two high schools and a primary school in Sojitra, Gujarat.



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