New Jersey Senator Vin Gopal to introduce sustainable power legislation

New Jersey State Sen. Vin Gopal. Photo: Twitter @vingopal

Senator Vin Gopal, D-Monmouth County, New Jersey, announced Sept. 1, 2021, he will be introducing legislation to promote clean energy in New Jersey.

This bill is expected to ensure the Department of Energy and the Department of Community Affairs cannot make any rules requiring electric heating as the sole or primary means of heating in residential or commercial buildings.

“I have enthusiastically supported legislation encouraging the development of solar and wind power and the purchase of electric vehicles and applaud Governor Murphy’s leadership on transitioning New Jersey to a clean energy future,” Sen. Gopal is quoted saying in a press release from his office.

“As we move towards a greener New Jersey, we must make sure residents have the appropriate tools to adjust to new requirements,” he added, saying that reasoning is what informs his decision to sponsor legislation that prohibits the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Community Affairs from making electric heating as the main source for commercial and residential properties.

“While electric heating may be a part of a clean energy New Jersey, the state should work to encourage the transition to electric heating without imposing an unaffordable mandate on homeowners,” Sen. Gopal contended.

“Creating such a financial mandate will disproportionately affect New Jersey’s working families. I am committed to getting to 100% clean energy but let us not do that by limiting how we get there,” he added.

Gopal, who is the Majority Conference Leader in the State Senate, represents the 11th Legislative District. He is the only Indian-American in this upper chamber.



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