New-age pop star Hriday drops dreamy love track, Darmiyaan

Hriday has released his latest love ballad, Darmiyaan. Photo: Drishti Shah

After a spectacular concert tour with A.R. Rahman, Hriday, the multi-talented singer presents his new love ballad, Darmiyaan, his latest single that reflects the echoes, applause and spirit of playing in stadiums worldwide. On November 22, the breakout pop star released the track. The young musician displays his vocal and compositional prowess on this song of love for a new generation.

Joining Hriday on Darmiyaan are music virtuosos Darshan Doshi (drums) and  Keba Jeremiah and Ralph Menezes (guitars). The title of the song roughly translates to ‘in-between’. This song marks Hriday’s third independent release of 2023, following the crowd favorites Saaya and Bawre. Over the period of a year, Hriday has built a legacy of music that inspires self-love, exploration and celebration. With Darmiyaan, Hriday offers a bright-eyed, honest declaration of romance and adventure.

Says Hriday, “We have all had our brushes with love. Each experience is different, yet universal. On Darmiyaan, I found myself looking towards the hopeful side of romance and what that would sound like. It was liberating to translate this thought into music. When I recorded the song, it felt authentic and optimistic. My time in the studio (creating this track) too was also fun and memorable. It’s been thrilling to put a song out like this, and an honor to make it with exemplary musicians such as Darshan Doshi, Keba Jeremiah and Ralph Menezes.”

Expanding and inviting people into his music-verse, Hriday’s classically-trained vocals serve as poetic bridges, connecting words with the unspoken. Stylistically,  the song travels across pop with hints of rock. Innovative instrumentals further blur the boundaries between a tender ballad and an uplifting anthem.

About rounding off the year with three hit singles, Hriday says, “It’s been an incredible few months of sharing my music with my fans. While Saaya was experimental and synth-heavy, with Bawre I found myself delving into the best of both worlds (Indian and Western). And on Darmiyaan, I felt my musical experiences from over a decade culminate into an anthem of love.”

He goes on. “It’s so nice when people relate to my music and find their own interpretations of each song. Reading listeners’ comments, receiving their DMs, seeing them add my songs to their playlists…it’s been more emotionally and artistically rewarding than I can put into words. I’m truly grateful for all your love and support that pushes me to keep creating.”

Hriday’s past projects, including both playback (Mukesh Chhabra’s Dil Bechara, Gurinder Chadha’s Blinded by the Light and Mani Rathnam’s  Kaatru Veliyidai) and independent titles (Tu Aawaaz Hai, Ishq Tera Mera, One of a Kind), cement his versatility, range and rise as an excellent musician. On Darmiyaan, the pop star belts fearlessly about a love that dares itself to exist and in the very act of releasing it out into the world, he offers listeners a new lease.

Hriday Gattani, to give his full name, grew up in Mumbai, watching tapes of live performances and learning Indian classical music. Mentored by A.R. Rahman and actively touring with the composer, he now merges the worlds of native and Western melodies. He has honed his chops by collaborating with musicians like Rahman, Amit Trivedi, Vishal-Shekhar, Salim-Sulaiman, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shankar Mahadevan, Neeti Mohan and more. The musician has also performed on prestigious stages like the O2, Hollywood Bowl, Accor Arena and others around the globe.




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