Neetu Kapoor shares peek into relationship with son Ranbir

Ranbir Kapoor massages mom Neetu Kapoor’s feet. Photo: Instagram / Neetu Kapoor

Neetu Kapoor offers a delightful peek into her relationship with son Ranbir Kapoor, packed with fun and laughter! In her recent social media share, she captures a moment that is both tender and lightheartedly mischievous. The caption, “Chanda hai tu, mera sooraj hai tu. But itna seedha bhi nahi hai tu…,” hints at the depth of their joyful connection, revealing an affectionate bond peppered with humor.

Neetu Kapoor’s Instagram often radiates her love for Ranbir, showcasing their relationship. From candid moments to supportive gestures, her posts never fail to capture their unique equation. The latest snapshot featured Ranbir giving Neetu a foot massage, coupled with a cheeky caption that adds a twist! This playful undertone and hint of Ranbir being more than what meets the eyes, piqued fans’ curiosity, inviting them to explore the delightful mysteries of Ranbir’s persona. And fans are flocking with love-filled comments and heart emojis.

On the recent episode of Koffee With Karan, the actress expressed great pride in he son and said that she was so, so proud of him. She also stated that one quality that Ranbir had that was different from all other Kapoors was that he was a composed human being who did not throw his weight around. She also complained that because of his stardom, she could not spend enough time with him.




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