Navdeep Kaur receives Best National Costume award at Mrs. World Pageant, Las Vegas

Navdeep Kaur was among the Top 15 finalists at the Mrs World pageant, Las Vegas. Photo: Mrs India Inc.

Navdeep Kaur, winner of Mrs. India World 2021 title at the Pageant organized by Mrs. India Inc., won the award for Best National Costume for India and a medal for being among the semi-finalists at the Mrs. World Pageant 2021 held at Las Vegas on January 15, 2022.

Navdeep entered the top 15 among 50 contestants representing countries across the globe. Mrs. America, Shaylyn Ford, won the title of Mrs. World 2021.

A media meet was held in Mumbai on January 21 to introduce her. Sharing her emotions, Navdeep said, “It was an absolute honor to represent India at the Mrs. World platform. This wouldn’t have been possible with the support of Mohini Sharma of Mrs. India Inc, and my family.”

Navdeep Kaur with Mohini Sharma of Mrs. World Inc at the Mumbai presscon, Photo: Rajiv Vijayakar

Navdeep was accompanied on the media meet by the national director, Mohini Sharma, director and founder of Mrs. India Inc. Mrs. India Inc is the only official and prestigious organization that hones candidates from India to represent at the Mrs. World pageant. Mohini said, “I’m very proud of Mrs. Navdeep Kaur and it’s a great honor to get the award for the Best National Costume. I’m sure that in the coming years, we’ll get the crown too. Dr. Aditi Gowitrikar won it 21 years ago, so it is high time.”

Mrs India world Navdeep Kaur won the Best National Costume award at Mrs World, Las Vegas. Photo: Mrs India Inc

She told this reporter, “I would specially thank my daughter, Jasleen Kaur, who’ll turn six next month, who has been my constant inspiration through my entire journey. Luckily, we could see each other whenever we spoke on phone while I was away, and I have to listen to whatever she has instructed me to get for her! But it would become difficult when she would occasionally say, ‘Mummy, just come back! I miss you!’ I have now been away from her for 15 days. I came to Mumbai from Las Vegas just yesterday and will fly home tomorrow!”

She also termed her husband, Kamaldeep Singh, “my backbone. He has factories on the outskirts of my hometown Rourkela in Odisha. We knew each other for eight years before our marriage, and we have been married now for eight years as well!”

Navdeep is a Sikh, lives in a joint family and also thanks her in-laws (including her brother-in-law) and parents for their support and love.

The charming lady’s advice to future Mrs. India contestants is total self-belief, for then, she feels, “nothing can stop you”. Having achieved all this, she now plans to take “one day at a time” so far as the future is concerned.

Navdeep’s award-winning costume was based on the concept of the Kundalini Chakra, with Kundalini being a Sanskrit word for coiled snake. “It represents all the chakras that mark the movement of different energies in the body, right from the toe, all the way through the spine and then to the head,” she noted. The golden-colored costume was conceptualized by Eggie Jasmin. It comprised a giant serpent head and snake-like details, along with a serpent cane. “We wanted to come out with a concept that was dedicated to India, showed our heritage, our culture and also Yoga,” Navdeep smiles.

Navdeep Kaur was born on November 9 in Kansbahal, Odisha. She attended Mount Carmel Convent School in Rourkela, Odisha. She holds a B. Tech. degree in Computer Science and also did her Master’s in Business Administration. Navdeep started her career as an assistant manager at Kotak Mahindra Bank and then worked as an assistant professor. She was now training men and women for bank jobs as a Personality Development Trainer.

Asked by whether and how these factors helped her reach high in the pageant, she nodded and replied, “With that background, obviously I can project and express myself better. I did my Masters in Business Administration in HR (Human Resources) and would train people in some rural areas. There were those who had scored 90 percent on paper, but found it very difficult to express themselves. I thought, why not put in the effort to support their personality development, and all these things did finally help me.”



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