National Retail Solutions Protects Retailers With an Innovative, Cost-Efficient Crime Deterrent

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Patented Panic Button Keeps Stores Safe, Dissuades Criminals

As terrifying news stories about armed robberies and violent crime perpetrated against bodega owners and employees have become a near daily occurrence, As is being reported on Fox5, Telemundo, and other outlets, National Retail Solutions (NRS) is stepping forward to help bolster the safety of hard-working merchants with an innovative and approachable crime deterrence system. Due to the changing climate, more and more retailers prefer credit card payments over cash. Still, break-ins, holdups for money, muggings, and other violent crimes are prevalent in bodegas and other independent retail stores.

NRS, provider of one of the largest point of sale system (POS) and payment acceptance platforms for independents in the US, is helping store owners with its patented POS Panic Alarm. The United Bodega Association recently announced a 1 million dollar grant for security assistance. Stores can apply for financial aid at, to purchase panic alarms and other security devices. National Retail Solutions (NRS) is working closely with the organization to offer its POS system and Panic Alarm Button services for members of the organization.

Unlike the devices that criminals usually find behind or under counters, we’ve inconspicuously incorporated the NRS POS Panic Alarm Button into the NRS point-of-sale system. When cashiers need to send a silent call for help, they can simply hold down a specific button on the POS interface. This action will not only open the cash drawer but also alert local police without alerting the potential assailant.

The NRS POS Panic Button is especially needed now. According to recent data and as is regularly being reported in the media, crime in urban neighborhoods is dramatically up, and stores are scrambling to set up better surveillance and security systems.

CEO Elie Y. Katz (Photo courtesy of National Retail Solutions)

“The rapidly increasing pace of armed robberies and violence in bodegas in New York City and other cities is unrelenting, horrifying, and must stop now,” said Elie Y. Katz, CEO of National Retail Solutions. “These crimes disproportionately affect some of the most dedicated, tireless, and hard-working business owners that provide necessities to underserved areas. Bodegas and other independents are at the heart of urban communities and must be protected. NRS is proud to offer cost-effective new tools, using cutting-edge technology to make criminals think twice about attacking while providing peace of mind for business owners and employees.”

In addition to its pioneer, patented POS Panic Button, NRS anti-crime initiatives include POS-DVR Camera Integration as well as the leveraging of POS advertising display screens at the checkout counter to assist with alerts for identifying and apprehending criminals, as provided by local authorities.

“Shoppers will see and remember the bad guys’ faces,” Katz said. “And so will the criminals’ friends and family. Thieves are greatly discouraged from visiting their least favorite corner store once they learn they are being watched. For example, we can put an ad on thousands of screens in all the boroughs of NY in just minutes”.

Katz, a community leader and small business owner for over 30 years, is familiar with merchants’ fear of aggressive criminals. “As a forward-thinking organization that prides itself on unmatched customer care, NRS values its relationships with its loyal clients and truly cares about their personal health, safety, and wellbeing,” he said.

NRS offers a suite of crime deterrents, among other products and services, specifically designed to meet the needs of various small and mid-sized independent businesses. These include bodegas, grocery and convenience stores, gas stations, mini-marts, hardware stores, and liquor and tobacco shops.

NRS POS systems, programs, services, and tools help proprietors excel in the competitive retail business environment by realizing tremendous savings and boosting profits. There are 47 million monthly NRS POS transactions at over 23,000 USA locations. For more information on the NRS POS and increasing store security with the NRS Panic Alarm Button, call (833) 289-2767 or visit



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