My Next Guest Needs No Introduction to feature SRK

Shah Rukh Khan, SRK, with David Letterman faking a cut finger, on the teaser for the upcoming episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, airing starting Oct. 25, 2019, on Netflix. (Photo: videograb from teaser on Twitter)

India’s Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is going to be the guest on David Letterman’s show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, which will begin airing on Netflix Oct. 25, 2019.

The show put out a teaser Oct. 9, for SRK’s appearance, creating a buzz with what will surely raise the ante among Indians and Indian-American Bollywood fans.

The teaser shows the two men in the kitchen displaying SRK’s ease handling knives and other tools of a chef, while Letterman seemingly blunders.

Khan sports an apron that says – Cooking For Dave – as he suavely and expertly chops chicken breast pieces warning that the implement is “very sharp” milliseconds before Letterman feigns a cut finger screaming “Ow Geez! Ow Ow .. G-aah!” and squirming in fake pain.

The Indian star complements Letterman saying, “The scripting was very good” to which Letterman says “Thank you” only to be diminished with a flourish from Khan who says, “The performance fell short.”

“There’s something about that man that has made it a different experience,” says Letterman in the backdrop of a close up shot of Khan’s face in a painting. Scenes from Khan’s home in India where Letterman went, and of Khan’s wife Gauri, flash by.

“For me it was really wonderful to have met a person of his caliber, of his stature, and, of course, of his talent,” says Khan in an interview setting.

The two then go off on motorcycles. The teaser ends with Letterman saying it was “The most fun I’ve ever had.”

Netflix has released several teasers, one that shows SRK coming on stage to massive applause, which according to Letterman is “Perhaps the biggest ovation I’ve had in the series.”

This despite former President Obama being featured in an episode early when the show started.

Netflix is marketing it as “The biggest talk show host in history meets the biggest film star in the world.”



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