Mukesh Parikh announces Millionaires of Love with Mithoon and Ricky Kej

Ricky Kej, Mithoon & Mukesh Parikh at the announcement of Millionaires of Love. Photo: Himanshu Jhunjhunwala

The Indo-Hollywood musical film, Millionaires of Love, was recently announced in Mumbai. This film, produced by American writer-producer Mukesh Parikh, has Somendra Harsh as co-producer. The music for the film has been composed by the two-time Filmfare award winner Mithoon, while the three-time Grammy winner Ricky Kej is the guest composer.

Present at the official announcement event, where everyone was honored with traditional turbans. were actor Anup Soni, Sayeed Quadri, who has penned the lyrics, and Mohammed Faiz, who has sung one of the songs.

The film revolves around the theme of never giving up on dreams and is based on a true story from Rajasthan. Speaking about this Indo-Hollywood project, Mukesh said that it was a fusion of talents. He mentioned that he extensively researched and wrote the story, which is based on true events and presents a beautiful love story. He recently came to India and recorded songs at Yash Raj Studios. He praised Sayeed Quadri as “The king of words” and admired Mithoon’s musical prowess.

Sayeed Quadri said that this film is his way of repaying his debt to his land. Being born in Rajasthan, he feels connected to its soil and stories. Mithoon added that Rajasthan, being his favorite state, inspired him to present its true story. He admired Mukesh’s vision and expressed his happiness in composing music for this film. Ricky Kej expressed pride in working on this project, mentioning Mithoon’s exceptional talent in Indian music. He highlighted the Indian roots reflected in the film’s music.

Anup Soni, a resident of Jaipur, expressed pride in being associated with the project. He mentioned the rich culture of Rajasthan and his deep-rooted connection with it. He met Mukesh Parikh a year ago in Jaipur, heard about the story and music, and readily agreed to be part of it, considering the characters created by Mukesh to be very real.

Singer Mohammed Faiz expressed his gratitude towards Mukesh since their connection began during a reality show. He felt lucky to have the opportunity to sing a song with Ricky.

60 percent of the shooting for this musical drama will take place in Rajasthan, and the movie will also be shot in the US. The film is produced under the banner of Millionaires of Love Films LLP.



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