Movie to be made on Indian tennis legend Vijay Amritraj

Vijay Amritraj

Cinestaan Film Company (CFC) has acquired the rights to make a movie on India’s tennis legend Vijay Amritraj.

“Before Vijay no Indian sportsman has been celebrated on the world stage in this manner. We all felt so proud as Indians to read about his triumphs overseas and today we, at Cinestaan Film Company are thrilled to help bring his incredibly inspiring story to the screen,” said Rohit Khattar, Chairman, Cinestaan Film Company.

“Many who know of Vijay’s successes will be in awe when they see the challenges that were presented to him in early life before he achieved greatness, as we were when we heard it first hand from him,” he added.

The film will focus on Amritraj’s career, personal life and philanthropic activities as he has achieved many firsts as a tennis champion and has also acted in two Hollywood films Star Trek and Octopussy, which were both global hits.

“Parents love compassion dedication and hard work under the most trying circumstances can make a child’s dream come true even if he or she is nowhere near good enough in anything. I am humbled that a company like Cinestaan Film Company would want to tell my story but this is about mothers, children and overwhelming love,” Amritraj said.

Vijay’s son, Prakash Amritraj, who will be producing the film with Cinestaan told that he has “always felt beyond blessed to have my greatest hero and my father be the same person. While the world knows of his numerous achievements, my brother Vikram and I have always felt if everyone was to know his character and the love that made him; the world could truly be a better place and more seeds of love, inspiration, and hope will be sewn. I can’t be more excited to bring this story to the big screen with my tremendously passionate partner in Cinestaan Film Company.”



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