Montgomery Hindi School in New Jersey celebrates 10th year of Garba

Community members performing Garba/Dandiya dance at the 10th year of celebration at Montgomery Hindi School, NJ, October 13, 2023. PHOTO: Courtesy Montgomery Hindi School.

The Montgomery Hindi School in New Jersey, held its 10 year of celebrating Garba, October 13, 2023.

Some 850 people attended the joyful event at the school which was founded by Sudha and Dr. Shiv K. Agarwal and other community volunteers more than a decade ago, to educate and empower young students about their cultural legacy.

The Montgomery Hindi School and Marlboro Hindi School are non-profit organizations, part of the Hindi & Indian Culture Association of USA (HICA-USA).

“This annual event proved once again to be a colorful testament to the school’s mission,” organizers said in a press release, with a record number of attendees.

Dr. Shiv K Agarwal, Dr. Andrew Zwicker (Senator, NJ), Neena Singh (Deputy Mayor, Montgomery Township), Barbara Golden, Sangeeta Jain, Dimple Jain, Sudha Agarwal and Shubhra Bhargava, pose for a photo at the Oct. 13, 2023, Montgomery Hindi School garba celebration. PHOTO: Courtesy Montgomery Hindi School.

Among those at the gathering were some high-profile guests including Senator Andrew Zwicker of New Jersey Legislative District 16 and Deputy Mayor Neena Singh of Montgomery. Their attendance and the outpouring of support from the Montgomery community underscored the idea that community and family transcend race and religion, organizers maintained.

Senator Zwicker and Deputy Mayor Singh both shared their appreciation for Montgomery Hindi School’s efforts to preserve and promote Indian heritage.

Montgomery Hindi School, NJ girls, dressed in traditional clothes, at the garba celebrations Oct. 13, 2023. PHOTO: Courtesy Montgomery Hindi School.

The Montgomery Hindi School has exposed children to Hindi language and Indian culture for over 13 years, and events like Garba serve as a testament to their dedication, reminding everyone of the beauty and significance of staying connected to their roots, the press release noted.

Montgomery Hindi School Volunteers with Neena Singh and Dr. Andrew Zwicker at the October 13, 2023, garba celebrations in New Jersey. PHOTO: Montgomery Hindi School,

Garba, a traditional Indian dance form very popular in Gujarat, was the highlight of the evening. “Garba is not just a dance; it is a celebration of identity, a bridge between generations, and a reminder of the importance of staying connected to one’s cultural roots,” organizers said.




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