Medical body demands action against Poonam Pandey and team for death hoax

Poonam Pandey now faces legal action for her hoax death. Photo: Publicity Photo

The All India Doctor’s and Healthcare Worker’s Front (AIDHWF) has called for an FIR to be registered against Poonam Pandey and her team for her hoax cervical cancer death publicity stunt.

A spokesperson for the AIDHWF said that their legal counsel is drafting the criminal complaint after studying various provisions of the law.

“Every day, doctors and healthcare workers go through great mental trauma seeing the misery and suffering of cancer patients. Poonam Pandey’s publicity stunt can be compared to an old statement of superstar Salman Khan who had said he ‘felt like he was raped’ after shooting for his film. Neither Salman Khan nor Poonam Pandey can imagine what a rape victim or cancer patient goes through. Not to forget the suffering and strain endured by their families,” a spokesperson for the AIDHWF said in a press release, with a written complaint to the Mumbai Police.

Earlier in the day a journalist and publicist also demanded an FIR be lodged against Poonam.

After an acquaintance claimed Poonam’s body was in Pune, the scribe, via a post on X, requested the Mumbai police to look into the matter of the reported death (news) of the “erotica actor Poonam Pandey” allegedly due to cervical cancer, ascertain the facts and register an FIR for creating public mischief and other appropriate sections of the Indian Penal Code as well as the IT Act, if any criminal offence is made out after investigation. He said one should not trivialize such topics like cancer as it will set a precedent for the future.

The scribe also said he will approach the appropriate court if the cops do not take any action. “This is a clear case of public mischief, fake news on a mass scale and action must be taken,” he said.

He has also written to the Mumbai Police Commissioner to take a strict stand on the issue of such “fake death” news of celebs as it could cause unrest and disturbance, besides financial losses to business in society. “Imagine what would have happened if Poonam Pandey was into politics,” he added.

However, Poonam’s team has boldly given an “explanation” on her Instagram that she is not indifferent to the issue as her mother had battled cervical cancer.

Poonam Pandey’s team’s statement on her Instagram stresses that she has seen her mother battling cervical cancer. Photo: Instagram / Poonam Pandey

Poonam has a criminal case pending against her in South Goa, registered at the Canacona police station, for obscenity, after she was caught shooting obscene and nude content at a restricted location. She is on bail in that case.



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