…And Poonam Pandey declares, ‘I am alive!”

Poonam Pandey has taken up the cause of Cervical Cancer. Photo: Instagram / Poonam Pandey 

It was a shocker of a news two days ago, so incredible that it was difficult to believe: that the hot model, actress and social media personality Poonam Pandey had died of cervical cancer at the age of 32! Fans and so many others will now be heaving a great sigh of relief as the news is not true at all: Poonam has broken her silence with the message: “I’m Alive.”

In a stunning revelation that has captured the attention of millions, Poonam has broken her silence about the “news” of her “demise”. The actress delivered a heartfelt message to her audience through a video shared on her social media channels.

In the video, Poonam states, “I’m alive. I didn’t die of Cervical Cancer. But I can’t say the same about the many women who have lost their lives to this disease. Not because they couldn’t do anything about it, but because they didn’t know what or how to.”

Her message serves as a powerful reminder of the silent yet preventable nature of the disease and the importance of proactive preventive measures. She followed it up with a comment justifying the need to undertake this stunt via a series of posts.

In the post she explains how she is committed to the cause. Interestingly, she has pointed out how Cervical Cancer was a part of the Union Budget but may not have caught the attention of the press till the news of her being ‘Lost to Cervical Cancer’. In a single day due to Poonam’s activity, over 500 headlines have carried the words ‘Cervical Cancer’ leading to a big increase in awareness.

This courageous revelation comes as a part of the #DeathToCervicalCancer campaign, which is to support multiple non-governmental partners working in the space of Cervical Cancer prevention and awareness.

Poonam urges people to go to  www.poonampandeyisalive.com, which seeks to educate and inform people about the adversities of cervical cancer, ways to prevent it and also has a special Ai chat-enabled section where users can get all their doubts answered.

For anyone questioning the use of death as a “tool”, Poonam believes that she is in service of Cervical Cancer and that people “look at her and follow her for shock and awe”. She has used this shock and awe to deliver a hard-hitting message of awareness and prevention.

Well, well, earlier, fake news of deaths had been circulated for publicizing a film. This time it has at least been done with a noble cause as the aim.




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