MassMutual Financial Professional Spearheads Efforts To Inspire And Celebrate Humanitarian Efforts


NEW YORK – Anyone who met Nadya Mitha over the last year, was likely struck by the same thought: How does she do it all? But, getting things done and done right is second nature to Mitha.

A top-ranking financial professional from southeast Asia, Mitha’s tenacity and passion for helping others achieve their financial goals have made her an invaluable resource to clients. These characteristics also helped her bring the highly acclaimed Rays of Light exhibit to the Atlanta’s Ismaili community, according to a press release.

“I was honored to serve as Project Manager for the Rays of Light exhibition because I feel it is critically important to celebrate and raise awareness of the tremendous humanitarian efforts of our spiritual leader, His Highness the Aga Khan,” explains Mitha.

Rays of Light is an inspirational traveling multimedia exhibit celebrating humanitarian efforts through the lenses of the 1,400-year history of the Ismaili Inmamat.

Mitha embraced the massive undertaking of bringing the exhibition to Atlanta with her signature persistence and dedication. Appointed project manager in May 2017, Mitha coordinated the extensive efforts of a core team of nearly 20 people and 600 volunteers.

Together they tackled each, from securing the ideal location to planning receptions, registering guests, providing tours, and showcasing 250 pictures, interactive exhibits, and videos, with precision. Their exhaustive efforts paid off. From January 10-15th 2018, 200 dignitaries, 500 external guests and nearly 8,000 members of the Jamat from the Southeast region visited the exhibit.

While proud of her team’s accomplishments, Mitha took little time to celebrate. After all, service to the Ismaili community is only one of the many demands on her time and treasure. She also juggles the demands of raising two children and working alongside her husband as a financial professional with Piedmont Group, a MassMutual General Agency.

“Nadya is a shining example of leadership and the greatness that can be accomplished with a healthy dose of perseverance,” explains Bill McQuaid, general agent of the Piedmont Group, a MassMutual general agency. “She consistently ranks as one of the most successful female financial professionals MassMutual has nationwide, and we couldn’t be prouder to have her on our team.”

In addition to helping clients in the Atlanta region, Mitha provides financial guidance and help clients nationwide with legacy planning as part of the AgaKhan Foundation in Washington, DC. Since becoming involved, she has written more insurance policies for the Foundation than any other financial professional in the nation.

“I am always challenging myself to follow in his Aga Khan’s footsteps by helping others,” explains Mitha.  “A career as a financial professional has allowed me to make a tremendous positive impact on the financial stability of our community. I feel fortunate to have found my calling, and to have been given the support I need to succeed,” Ms. Mitha adds.

To find out more about a career in financial services, or the importance of insurance planning for South Asian families, call Nadya Mitha at 678.923.8462 or visit The Piedmont Group website.




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