Manka Dhingra named Deputy Senate Majority Leader in Washington state

Manka Dhingra

Manka Dhingra, the Indian American Washington state senator who won last year, has been elected as the deputy Senate majority leader.

According to a report, Dhingra and Sen. Rebecca Saldaña will be the chamber’s next deputy majority leaders and they will work alongside Majority Leader Andy Billig, Majority Floor Leader Marko Liias, Caucus Chair John McCoy and Majority Whip Mark Mullet.

“As a King County prosecutor in my day job, I have the benefit of a specialized skill set that increases my awareness of the legal ramifications of any legislation I touch. In the same light, I know that when women of color advance into leadership roles, we flourish. We uplift our communities. We uplift us all,” Dhingra said in a statement.

Dhingra was just reelected to a four-year term representing the 45th District of Washington state, flipping the state to a Democratic majority.

Dhingra is also one of five current board members of the Northwest Progressive Foundation and she will also chair the new formed Behavioral Health Subcommittee.



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