Man who shot Indian American gas station clerk gets life sentence


Brandon Bushay Smith was sentenced to life in prison of 60 years without parole for shooting an Indian American gas station clerk on Feb. 12, 2017 in Huston, Texas, according to The Telegraph.

Vikram Patel, 38, was at the Lo Bucks on North Davis Drive when Smith, 30, walked inside the gas station about 1 a.m. and grabbed Patel’s phone, shooting him four times, according to a press release from the Houston County District Attorney’s Office.

Smith then walked around the counter, hit Patel in the head with a gun and fired a final shot at his head before he grabbed some money and cigarettes and walked out of the store to drive away from the scene.

According to a press release, Patel was hit by three of the four bullets, one which lodged in his spine and has stayed in his back as a result he will never walk again.

Smith was charged with criminal attempt to commit murder, armed robbery, aggravated battery and possession of a gun during a crime.



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