Man charged in Gagandeep Singh’s murder


Jacob Corban Coleman of Puyallup, Washington has been charged with first-degree murder, after he killed his Indian American cab driver Gagandeep Singh of Spokane, Idaho in August.

Coleman stabbed Singh to death in his taxi after he found out that he was denied entry into Gonzaga University because the institution had no record of his admission.

In an earlier article, News India Times reported that Coleman hailed a cab from Spokane International Airport after the incident, and told Singh to take him to a fictitious friend’s house but during the drive, his thoughts became increasingly homicidal.

Coleman then asked Singh to stop at a local store, where he purchased a knife and then re-entered the cab directing Singh to drive farther to look for the nonexistent destination.

When Singh realized that there was no real location, he stopped the cab near the intersection of Spokane Street and East Railroad Avenue in Kootenai, Idaho where Coleman stabbed him, after which his mother noticed that he wasn’t picking up his phone when she called him at around 6 p.m. and when she learned that he had not checked in with the cab company, she contacted the police who located the vehicle.

Upon their arrival at the scene, Singh was pronounced dead and Coleman was still in the car and even surrendered without hesitation.

Singh was a former resident of Preet Nagar in Jalandhar, Punjab and he decided to settle in Spokane in 2003 along with his family.

The Bonner County Daily Bee reported that a Bonner County judge had ruled on Wednesday, Nov. 1, that there is a sufficient amount of evidence for Coleman to be tried in a 1st District Court.



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