Mallakhamb Federation of USA Wins 2nd place in World Championships

MFU team that went to India for the World Championships in May 2023, held in Assam. PHOTO: courtesy MFU

The Mallakhamb Federation of USA (MFU), based in Edison, NJ, announced on June 13, 2023, that its team won 2nd place (Silver) at the 2nd World Mallakhamb Championships, held in Dhubri Assam from May 9-12 2023. This team, consisting of 12 athletes and 2 coaches represented USA for the sport. They competed with 11 other countries to win silver medal.

Mallakhamb is an ancient Indian sport that combines elements of yoga, gymnastics, and martial arts. The sport is gaining popularity worldwide very quickly, MFU said in its press release, adding that it is a great way to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. The sport is either performed on a pole or a rope. The athlete performs aerial yoga or gymnastic postures and wrestling grips and is measured on a gymnastics-like point scale on difficulty, execution and grace.

“We are thrilled with our team’s performance at the World Championships,” Chinmay Patankar, founder, and treasurer of the MFU, is quoted saying in the press release. “Our athletes trained hard for this competition, and they were able to overcome the challenges of jet lag and harsh weather conditions to achieve a great result.”

A team of 6 men, 6 women & 2 coaches traveled from New York to Assam with over 36 hours of journey to participate in World Championship. The team is used to practice indoors in temperatures under 70 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the competition was held outdoor in peak summer months in India with temperatures at almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit, organizers said.

“The team did a fantastic job winning a silver medal competing with 11 countries,” MFU asserted.

This achievement was recently recognized by Edison, NJ Mayor Sam Joshi and Edison Municipal district Council Board. Also, recognition to the Team USA, Mallakhamb Federation of USA was given by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, the press release said.

The USA team won several Team and Individual medals at this competition including –

Men’s Champsionship –Team: Silver Medal

  • Individual Medals

o Dheen Jayadevan – Pole Short Set: Bronze Medal

o Adwait Kulkarni – Pole Long Set: Bronze Medal

o Adwait Kulkarni – Rope Short Set: Bronze Medal

o Adwait Kulkarni – Rope Long Set: Bronze Medal

o Adwait Kulkarni – All Around Championship: Bronze Medal

Women’s Championship

  • Team: Silver Medal
  • Individual Medals

o Rucha Kulkarni – Pole Short Set: Bronze Medal

o Rucha Kulkarni – Pole Long Set: Bronze Medal

o Gargie Patil – Rope Short Set: Bronze Medal

o Apurva Chaudhari – Rope Long Set: Bronze Medal

o Rucha Kulkarni – All Around Championship: Bronze Medal

The MFU team was led by their coaches – Pradnya Patankar & Mandar Patil. Pradnya Patankar has been training with Mallakhamb since she was 12 years old, and she has won numerous medals at national competitions. Mandar Patil, is a certified yoga instructor and has been coaching Mallakhamb in Edison for more than 6 years.

The Team roster included mostly teenage athletes who demonstrated exceptional resiliency and proficiency of the sport during the competitions, MFU said. It will be having a special celebration July 8, of its good performance at the World Championships.

The Team USA athletes included –

Men’s TeamWomen’s Team

Dheen Jaydevan — Rucha Kulkarni

Adwait Kulkarni — Apurva Chaudhari

Shloke Chaudhari — Mrunal Patil

Ojas Upadhye — Shreya Patankar

Sanket Bakshi — Gargie PatilNew 2—  Arusha Bakshi

Flyer announcing the July 8, 2023, event celebrating the success of Malakhamb Federation of USA team in the World Championship in May 2023. PHOTO: courtesy MFU




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