Maliha Khan Makeup Academy opens in Iselin, New Jersey

Maliha Khan at work.



Maliha Khan launched her Makeup Academy called “Maliha Khan Makeup Academy” on Sunday, August 6, at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel in Iselin, New Jersey, where she gained 70 students from the ages of 14 to 60 and who were of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi descent, from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania as well as Virginia, Maryland and Georgia.

These were eternal tomboys, complete novices, beginners, experienced professionals in the field, veteran artists and salon owners, including professionals of Indian origin who wanted to learn the Pakistani brand of dramatic eye-makeup as well as basic everyday skills, became self-sufficient, enhanced what they already knew, brush up their rusty techniques and learn what the cosmetology school didn’t teach them.

Khan started out by helping around at her mom’s salon in Karachi at the age of 16, who provided her the initial training and guidance. Her passion for makeup rapidly grew and she took countless Makeup Certification classes, seminars and workshops that were offered by beauty schools, veterans in the industry and products companies and soon established herself as a Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist par excellence, combining both eastern and western styles. She moved to the United States from Karachi, Pakistan in 2013 and relaunched herself here in matter of a year.

She then decided to share her vision, talent, experience of 10 years, trade secrets, mini-inventions, mastery over the tools of the trade and knowledge of the efficiency of various brands of beauty products, to launch her makeup & hair training academy, by the name of “Maliha Khan Makeup Academy” or “MK Makeup Academy.”

It’s a known fact and a true generalization when we say that Pakistani makeup artists, brides and women in general are more adventurous and bolder than their Indian counterparts when it comes to makeup applications and the current generation of Western Desi Brides is looking for a vibrant look, with somewhat dramatic eye makeup, on their big day without the cakey or chalky extremes their moms and grandmothers went to as they want to enhance their natural beauty while they stand apart from their guests and yet not look like they are wearing a mask.

Pakistani American and North Indian brides, who were already into the bolder and relatively more colorful eye makeup, obviously lapped up her talents right away, which, filled her calendar up with 60 assignments in the very first year and thanks to her talents, soon enough, the relatively shy and timid communities started lining up for her unique brand of “even-toned naturally flawless skin with flattering contouring and prominent, well-blended dramatic eye makeup” and they have all admired Khan’s therapeutic personality, sweetness, flexibility and accommodating nature that does wonders for their stressful big day.

Besides bridal makeup and hair classes, she has begun to teach basic makeup skills and self-grooming techniques to working women and socialites along with offering semi-annual “Group MasterClasses” and weekly Studio Classes to smaller ones.




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