“Love, Loathe & Life” combats discrimination in the Indian American community


The screening of the short film “Love, Loathe & Life” was held on December 16 at Royal Albert’s Palace in Fords, New Jersey.

The film is about discrimination in different aspects of our life and received overwhelming response from the audience.

The screening was attended by many dignitaries from the community along with entire cast and crew of the film, including director Hemant M. Pandya.

Amit and Anita are very happy and expecting their first child, however, when an employee of Amit’s has to leave for medical emergency, he must replace him.

Amit then faces a strong racist attack from Steve and the lives of the couple are not the same anymore.

“How racist it is to say that only whites could be racist! This is not just a movie-it’s a message. A message about Love and the Loathe that springs out of it,” Pandya said.

“Our aim is not to just make films just to entertain but to talk about a cause which we face every day in our life,” said Producer Sunny Naik.



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