Long Island Lions Club honors healthcare heroes

Several healthcare workers were honored by the Long Island Indo American Lions Club Sept. 3, 2020. Photo: courtesy Lions Club

The Long Island Indo American Lions Club held an outdoor meeting in the back yard of one of the Lions Saurabh Seth’s house at Sayville, N.Y to honor the Front Line Heroes.

The Sept. 3, 2020 meeting was attended by 27 members as well as by District Governor Terri Oster and Past District Gov. Jose Pastrana, a press release from the Club said.

The highlight of the meeting was the honoring of  healthcare heroes who were frontline workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The “Front Line Heroes” honored with a plaque included Dr. Sunil Mehra, Dr. Raj Bhayani, Dr. Vaijnath Chakote, Dr. Abhay Malhotra, Dr. Kalpesh Amin, Dr. Nand Panjwani, Dr. Mulchand Chugh, Aparna Patel, Mrudala Parikh, Dr.Govind Oza, Dr.John Thomas and Dr. Reny Jacob,

President of the Lions Club Indu Gajwani announced that $4,000.00 had also been donated to Sunrise Associates to help children with cancer.

The Lions Club also announced some new projects, including collecting old glasses for the needy and food drives for the homeless and Hempstead Inn, all during October 2020, when the festival of Diwali takes place, as a gesture from the Indian-Americans for the surrounding community.

Several new members were also inducted into the Lions Club including Harish Shahdadpuri, Sonia Bathija, Samson, and Meena Gosalia by Oster and Pastrana.  Prabha Golia, Uday Dommaraju, and Shibby Thomas were made members in absentia.





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