Legendary singer Amit Kumar to headline old-age home fundraiser

Amit Kumar with Gopkumar Pillai Photo: Himanshu Jhunjhunwala

Renowned singer Amit Kumar is set to grace the stage for a noble cause on June 2 in Mumbai. Organized by Gopkumar Pillai of People’s Art Center, this charity event aims to raise funds for the construction of an old-age home.

Gopkumar, a stalwart in the field of events and awards for the past four decades, has orchestrated this initiative to address the need for elderly care facilities in the community.

The event holds special significance as it coincides with Amit Kumar’s remarkable milestone of completing 60 illustrious years in the music industry. To celebrate this achievement, Kumar will be honored during the charity show even as he enthralls the audience with renditions of his father, Kishore Kumar’s, and his own, iconic songs.

All proceeds from the ticket sales will go directly towards the construction of the old-age home, underscoring the power of music and philanthropy to make a positive impact on society.



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