Launch of ENTRY INDIA – An India Business and Travel Guide by Entry India LLC


Entry India LLC, a New Jersey based organization, is delighted to announce the launch of ‘ENTRY INDIA’ Guide (Print & Online) that addresses practical aspects of doing business in India and traveling to India for business. The online version of the DELHI SPECIAL edition of the guide is available at The mission of Entry India LLC is to support US companies with validated information and qualified opportunities so that their interactions with their Indian counterparts (service providers, government officials, investors, distributors, agents, etc.) are more productive and satisfying.

It is based on a simple observation: “Doing business in India can be challenging for anyone especially for an unprepared outsider”.  Access to timely, practical and reliable information is the key to creating business success in India. Entry India’s goal is to prepare US based companies and NRIs thoroughly with all aspects of doing business with India before, during, and after their India initiative so that they save money & time.  For instance –

Where can I find relevant information on investing in India?

I am a US based company and how ‘Make in India’ initiative, by India’s PM Mr. Modi, can assist me setting up my business in India.

I am a US Citizen and can I open a company in India?

How do I launch my product in Indian market?

How do I find recommended professional service providers like a tour operator, lawyer, accountant, architect, printing press, event manager, etc?

Where can I set-up my office for 2 people in Delhi?

For travel planning, the guide includes travel advisories, entry and exit requirements, best currency exchange rates, travel agents, hotels, guest houses and more.

The guide is continuously updated online and 2 times a year in print. The printed version of the guide will be available in US at the major India oriented events, various Chambers of Commerce, India Business Conferences by Universities like Columbia, MIT and Wharton, World Trade Week, etc.

We are inviting you to take advantage of the information and share it with your friends and business associates. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions to make the guide more useful for those who want to start a new business in India or want to expand their business to India or simply traveling to Delhi, India for pleasure. You can also get a copy of the guide in US and India by sending an email at

About Entry India:

Entry India is a New Jersey, USA based LLC founded in 2006 with the purpose of connecting small businesses world-wide to opportunities in India.



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