Lake County, Illinois Mandir Celebrates Hanuman Janmotsav

Temple priests Ramachari, Yogesh Pandey, Anil Joshi with children as Bal Hanumans. (Courtesy: Hindu Temple of Lake County)

More than 300 people came to the Hindu Mandir of Lake County, Illinois, March 31, to celebrate Hanuman Janmotsav, the birthday of Lord Hanuman, an ardent devotee of Lord Ram. This celebration symbolizes the balanced coexistence of humanity with nature, a press release from the mandir, said.

The celebrations included Sankalpam of sponsors and Ganesh Pujan followed by a special Abhishekam for Hanuman and Alankaram. Yogesh Pandey and Ramachari chanted Vedic mantras; Bhajans were sung by Rita Patel accompanied by Kamalesh Desai and Ambika Singh. Hanuman Chalisa was recited. Small children dressed as baby Hanuman entered the shrine and were welcomed by the devotees with folded hands and salutations.

Homam for Lord Hanuman. (Courtesy: Hindu Temple of Lake County)

Pundit Anil Joshi in his discourse explained the story behind the festivities including the first meeting between Lord Ram and Hanuman.

Shammi Dhall, on behalf of the Temple Executive Committee, thanked all the priests and sponsors for this grand celebration. He also thanked all the devotees, volunteers, and the kitchen team led by Neelanath Anand, for making the event a success, the press release said.



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